Birthdays and PiƱata

May 5, 2007 at 11:47 pm | Posted in family, Photographs | Leave a comment

Wow, today was packed with fun. Sean and I both worked until 3pm and then hopped over to his sister’s house to celebrate Cinco de Mayo / Kourt and Shan’s birthdays.

Here are some photos from this afternoon:

And late tonight we went out with the roommates to a comedy club. Gosh, I would write more but it is now 1am and I am falling asleep.

Here’s a joke I can remember from the show:

A family goes to the zoo. At the elephant exhibit, the young son asks his mom:

Mommy, what is that long thing hanging off of the elephant?

Oh that is his tail.

No, the other thing!

That is the elephant’s trunk.

No, the long thing hanging in the middle!

That’s nothing.

So the young boy asks his father and says that his mother told him it was ‘nothing’

The father answers, “Oh. Don’t mind your mother, she’s spoiled.”

Night folks.

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