Busy Weekend

May 20, 2007 at 8:08 pm | Posted in Friends | 4 Comments


Meg slept over. She didn’t get here until 11, but we stayed up extra late doing girl things like trying on dresses and giving each other facials.


My boss called in the morning and told me I could have the day off from work, so Meg and I went shopping. Later in the day, Brie came over and we all went to see Meaghan’s concert.

Here’s a short clip of her incredible concert:


Today Brie, Sean, and I went letterboxing at the old Newgate prison. We ended up on the wrong hiking trail and found ourselves walking miles on a poison ivy mosquito ridden path. In all, I pulled eleven (11!) ticks off of my legs. Brie had four. But ticks and bug bites aside, it was really fun. We went out for wings, beer, and jagermeister shots afterwards.

If you’ve got seven minutes to kill, watch the movie I made for Brie last night:

What a weekend. I love hanging out with my best girlfriends.

[Update on Sean’s job interview: he did fantastic. Sean’s boss’ boss’ boss said he would recommend him for the position. Sweeet! This means double the money he’s making now and hopefully a house in the next year or two. Who wants to come to our housewarming party? You bring the beer.]

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