Countdown to end Hell week.

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This week has been a miserable one.  My mood has been cheery, but my days have been long.  I haven’t arrived home from work before ten o’clock once this week and I have come home to Sean already asleep after his long days at work.  We’ve probably seen each other for about three hours in the last three days.

I just can’t wait until tomorrow because I only work until 6 on Saturdays and then I will finally be able to see my Love.

She needed a middle name

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And her Daddy picked just the right one:

Please meet Jasmine Beatrice Malone.

Silly girl

February 27, 2008 at 1:54 pm | Posted in family, silly pants | 4 Comments

So we’re sitting by the bathrooms at IKEA while Alex uses the john.  Ciara is playing on two green stools in the hallway by the ladies’ room.  An older woman scoots by her to enter the loo and Ciara, pointing to one of the green stools, loudly proclaims to the woman, “THIS IS MY PENIS!”  Ah, to be two years old.

The woman didn’t flinch, but Sean and I nearly died from laughter.


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Dancing with the Stars Dogs

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I love everything about this video from last night.  I especially love the half of waggly tail, the fact that Sam is so mellow even when he’s not, and Jazzy’s hatred for bell-bottom jeans.

Yes folks, this is what my typical evening looks like.  A bit crazy?  Yes.  A lot of fun?  You bet.

11 more hours

February 25, 2008 at 10:18 am | Posted in Love, Sean | 5 Comments

We work opposite shifts.  By the time I leave for work, Sean has already completed half a work day, and it will be eleven more hours until we see each other again.

I miss him every day but Mondays are the worst.

It must be “screw-customer-service” weekend

February 24, 2008 at 6:57 pm | Posted in Agitated, Life | 4 Comments

I dropped off my digital prints at Walgreens at 11AM. Pick up time was 11:30. We didn’t get home from New Haven until 3PM and figured our pictures were long overdue to be retrieved.

The little acne-faced teenager behind the counter apologized and told me that my photos weren’t ready, but they would be printed in about 10-15 minutes. Sure, no problem. So Sean and I walked around the store for a half hour before asking again if our photos were ready.

Still no.

When I asked him again how long he thought it might take, the little brat gave us an attitude and told me that the machine hasn’t even warmed up yet. So because there is only so much of the interior of a Walgreens that we could stomach, we drove home.

The kid called my cellphone an hour later to notify me that my pictures were almost done. I thanked him and drove down to get them after taking the dogs for a long walk.

Before I even walked up to the counter, the kid had my photos in hand and was already scanning them. I thought, “Wow, what a nice kid. He remembered who I was and is actually going to ring out my photos at his counter so I don’t have to wait in line!” I thanked him kindly for my photos and when he apologized about the machine not working I told him that it was not a problem at all, thanks again.

So then get this. The little snot said to me, “Since the machine broke I gave you two dollars off of your purchase… ya happy now?”

Am I happy now? What a shithead.

Instead of verbally expressing my thoughts, I thanked him for the two dollars.  Geez, I didn’t think I was that hard to please.

Next time I’m going to pick up my photos somewhere else.


February 23, 2008 at 10:15 pm | Posted in family, Love, Memories | Comments Off on Nephew

My favorite picture of Alex; taken April of 2006

Stalker sales

February 23, 2008 at 9:47 pm | Posted in silly pants | 6 Comments

I didn't take this picture Hilarious story.

A salesman just STALKED us at Bob’s Discount Furniture. We told this man that we were “just looking” a thousand times and yet he continued to follow us ten feet behind. He followed us into the couch section, into the Pit, into the dining room area.

My favorite part of the store escapade is when Sean went to use the restroom and the creepy salesman, who resembled Ron Moody’s character Fagin from Oliver!, stood two feet away as I tried to ignore his presence. As I stood there waiting for my hubby to come out of the john, the salesman (appropriately also named Ron) began to talk to me about the closest couch to my proximity.

Seriously, dude, LEAVE ME ALONE. I didn’t acknowledge him but instead turned a half circle so that my back faced him. There is only so many times I can blatantly tell this man to go away before he gets the hint.

So Sean and I finally walked into the bedroom section to possibly look at a matching set for our room. Of course Fagin followed and walked over to one of the dressers and began to pull out the drawers to show us the quality.

“Really.” I pleaded, ” We’ve been here before, we’ve heard all about the furniture, we are just looking.”

And he rebuttled, “Let me just show you the pine in this drawer, it’s built with….”

“NO!” I lost my cool. “WE’VE BEEN HERE BEFORE AND WE ARE JUST LOOKING, but thank you.”

And we walked away again, our backs clearly stating the end of the uninvited conversation.

(My second favorite part of the store experience was when I told Sean that I liked the Missionary style furniture and he unsuccessfully dared me to ask Fagin if they sold Doggy-style bed frames as well. Leave it to that boy to find a sense of humor while I am trying my best not to punch the furniture salesman.)

We stopped off at one more couch, with no sight of the man, and began to relax for three seconds as we discussed whether or not it would fit in our house. But as soon as we got the fifth word out, Ron Asshole appeared.

“Did you know this couch can be converted to a chaise?”

And with that, Sean and I stormed out. The stubborn Irish in me loudly proclaimed that THAT MAN IS A STALKER and DON’T EXPECT US TO BUY YOUR SHIT IF YOU HARASS US IN THE PROCESS as we walked toward the door. I wasn’t talking to the man, but you can bet I said it loud enough for him to hear me.

I love snow jobs

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Oh how the times have changed! When I worked as a landscaper I was expected to be at work during snowstorms; it was my job to be there to plow and to sand. I thought nothing of driving through treacherous blizzards in my tiny VW Jetta only to get behind the wheel of a large plow truck to drive some more.

Even as a mailman I drove in the snow, without four-wheel drive, sitting on the passenger side of an LLV. It was my job to be there — in rain, sleet, snow, and the like. And I manned up to the challenge.

But today I sat at work pissed off that my company would make us drive through this storm to sit at our desks all day long to listen to those cranky butts who had nothing to do but call in to bitch about their cellphones…because they were home due to snow.

It took me almost two hours to drive home from work tonight. Partially because I was the middle car in a long train of slowpokes, partially because I decided to stop at Walgreens for new hairbrushes. Throughout that drive I contemplated how much I used to love working during snowstorms, being the only ones up and on the road at 2AM, drinking so much coffee your heart explodes.

Maybe it’s not the working through the storm I dislike, maybe it’s the fact that I no longer can feel the snow as it falls.

Unleaded $1.53

February 21, 2008 at 10:45 pm | Posted in Memories | 2 Comments

Taken December of 2004 because I remember thinking that gas prices were extremely high.

The houseguest

February 21, 2008 at 10:20 am | Posted in Friends, Happy | 10 Comments

Meggie spent the night on Tuesday and fell quickly in love with the pups. She’s a dog person. We don’t see each other as often as we’d like and this was her first time seeing the new house. We watched American Idol and hung around in our pajamas (seems to be the theme of my week) until late into the night.

She painted us the most amazing picture of Sammy for a housewarming present. I nearly fell over from disbelief at how incredible this painting is. Tell me you don’t see the exact resemblance:

Ahh, to have girlfriends like Meg!

Our sleepy Red Sox fan

February 20, 2008 at 10:39 am | Posted in Puppy, silly pants | 1 Comment

He’s dreaming of the 2007 World Series.


Hello again, college.

February 19, 2008 at 5:12 pm | Posted in education | 2 Comments

I started my 16-week online class this afternoon with a conference call and hour-long orientation. I wore pajamas. Even though my company pays for me to attend this course — an A+ certification class geared around tech support — I have to keep asking myself what drove me to take on such a feat. I don’t really like IT that much and I don’t much care how to replace a motherboard or a BIOS on a computer. I like to learn, though, and I’m sure I’ll like the process once I get my feet wet.

And when I am done I can say that I am both certified to drive a mail truck (see 2006) and to fix a computer. How overly unexciting. But at least I get to wear pajamas to class.

Reason #98029 why I love Sean

February 18, 2008 at 9:03 pm | Posted in Sean-ism | Comments Off on Reason #98029 why I love Sean

Our home phone rings. I look at the caller ID. It’s Sean calling from his cell phone in the other room. I answer:

“Hi Love.”

“How’d you know it was me?!”

“We have caller ID.”

“Oh, we do? OKay, bye Love!”

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