Traveling to the red barn

May 1, 2007 at 9:18 pm | Posted in dreams, Employment, Photographs | 5 Comments

Ah, the new job. It’s fine, really. My bosses are elderly and I am working at a pool, spa, and fencing company. I think I had this same job when I was sixteen, except I am making a whole lot more money. I am not allowed to swim at work, although there are pools there. I don’t plan on working there long, but it is starting to grow on me. I’m not being sexually harassed and my boss has yet to hit me on the back. I enjoy the chemistry aspect of getting to test water samples. Hooray for silly temp jobs!

I took Sean to see my old stomping grounds tonight. We drove to the little red barn where I spent most of my college years landscaping the university.

I love that red barn as if it were a member of my family. I love it for the memories and the hardships, I love how the paint is chipping and the fence out front has been half torn down by having been hit one too many times with the trucks. I love the people who work there and although they were long gone by the time we arrived tonight, I could feel them sitting next to me on the picnic bench.

There is something sacred about that barn. Something that makes my heart sink a little knowing that I can no longer spend all of my waking moments there.

I like my new job. I do. It is simple–like Landscape. But I know that as I continue my job search I will never find a home again. That red barn was my home.

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