Lady and the Chinese Tramp

May 12, 2007 at 10:38 pm | Posted in silly pants | 5 Comments

Sean loves Chinese food. I’m not a huge fan and only recall eating Chinese three times in my life. So when Sean asked if we could go out to Sun Sun I had to say yes.

Sitting at our table, in front of huge portions of orange chicken and lo mein, I slurped up a noodle. I thought it would be great if we could try that sharing spaghetti scene that the dogs did in Disney’s Lady and the Tramp.

Since Sean loves me and doesn’t mind making a fool out of himself if it makes me happy, he said we could both slurp different ends of the same lo mein noodle. But his half fell on the tray before he could get it in his mouth.

Disgusted with the idea that his half of noodle had fallen on the questionable serving tray, he pulled back and sweetly complained that his half was dirty.

“Oh come on, I’ve been eating off the tray!” I said

So he tried it, and we slurped the tray-stained noodle and kissed at the end.

Jokingly, a few minutes later and completely unexpectedly, Sean blurted out, “Maybe you can drag the next noodle in the street.”

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