2007: the year of the bad haircut

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Ha! Meg and me on a beach in P-Town, 2004. That was a FUN trip.


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My favorite picture of Alex; taken April of 2006

I love snow jobs

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Oh how the times have changed! When I worked as a landscaper I was expected to be at work during snowstorms; it was my job to be there to plow and to sand. I thought nothing of driving through treacherous blizzards in my tiny VW Jetta only to get behind the wheel of a large plow truck to drive some more.

Even as a mailman I drove in the snow, without four-wheel drive, sitting on the passenger side of an LLV. It was my job to be there — in rain, sleet, snow, and the like. And I manned up to the challenge.

But today I sat at work pissed off that my company would make us drive through this storm to sit at our desks all day long to listen to those cranky butts who had nothing to do but call in to bitch about their cellphones…because they were home due to snow.

It took me almost two hours to drive home from work tonight. Partially because I was the middle car in a long train of slowpokes, partially because I decided to stop at Walgreens for new hairbrushes. Throughout that drive I contemplated how much I used to love working during snowstorms, being the only ones up and on the road at 2AM, drinking so much coffee your heart explodes.

Maybe it’s not the working through the storm I dislike, maybe it’s the fact that I no longer can feel the snow as it falls.

Unleaded $1.53

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Taken December of 2004 because I remember thinking that gas prices were extremely high.

It wasn’t luck or superstition that won the game, it was a damn good football team.

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I love watching Sean in his element. When his favorite team is at bat –or what have you — his concentration is unbreakable. Last night I saw where he inherited his love of sports from; his dad came over to watch the game with us.

As a young girl I remember watching my father’s reaction to ball games and loving how enthusiastic he became during his sports. Baseball, yes, my father loved the Red Sox, but watching him watch basketball was my favorite.

He’d sit at the edge of the couch with his holey black work socks planted firmly on the carpet, his hands clapping to the beat of every three-pointer, his tongue hanging out of the right corner of his mouth. My father would shout, “Go UConn! Get’um! Get’um!” and I’d giggle at his muffled cheers which were muffled because his tongue still hung from that right corner.

I remember witnessing a UConn game with my grandmother as I grew older, finally realizing where my father inherited his game-watching behavior. It was not my grandfather who shouted at the television, but instead –with tongue out and hands a’clappin’ — my grandmother cheered firmly from the edge of the couch.

Before we fell asleep last night I asked Sean how he became a Giants fan. His answer: “My Dad is a Giants fan.” And I guess this theory is true, or at least it is true in our two cases: we love who our parents love.

My heart felt warm as I sat by the fireplace last night watching Sean and his dad yell out at the TV. They echoed through the room at the same time, at the same plays, in the same manner. And although I dreaded the Superbowl all week, spending it with two generations of sports fans was comforting.

Ironically enough, during that four-hour football game, I felt glad for football.


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I woke Sean up early this morning with breakfast in bed.

Nothing fancy: coffee, waffles, and apple slices.

I left for work ten minutes later and he woke up deciding that he should clean this entire house! He unpacked everything in the dining room and the kitchen, plucked the staples from the wood floor left behind from our carpet removal project last week, did the dishes, and cooked us an incredible dinner.

While we were sitting at the table in our sparkling kitchen, I commented again at what a beautiful job he did with the house today. I asked him, “Did you do all of this just because I made you breakfast in bed this morning?”

I asked this even though I already knew the answer.

Sean replied, “No. I did all of this because I love you.”

We’re not pregnant

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…nor did we really think we were, but the constant nausea over the last few weeks made us second guess our wishful thinking.

We got the clear to close on the house tonight which means that our mortgage went through and now all that needs to be done is to sign the contracts. This is fantastic news for us and tomorrow may be the day we are awarded the key to our new home. Phew.

So to celebrate, we drove over to Stop and Shop so that Sean could pick up some beer, and while we were there I decided to pick up a pregnancy test. And oooh, we bought I Cant Believe its not Butter and some English muffins.

Here we are at the counter, ready to buy our treasures, and I notice that we didn’t buy pregnancy tests, we bought ovulation tests. Noooooo! So I rip the ovulation tests off the belt and run across the store like Forrest Gump to pick up the right test.

I came back to the line and slammed the pregnancy test down matter-of-factly as Sean laughed. The 16-year-old cashier blushed and rushed through our order. I’m not sure if he was thinking “These people are buying beer and pregnancy tests! Get out of my line sinners!” or “Wow, they’re going to have a good night”.

We giggled at his adolescent reaction.

Sean’s response as we left the store, “We should’ve bought whipped cream.”

I am Sam

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Guess who woke up at 4:30 this morning.  I knew letting him fall asleep at seven last night was a bad idea.  He’s back to bed now, 6:30, but we’re about to drag his little puppy butt back outside to drop Sean off at work.

“Hey People!  Play with me!  It’s nearly dawn!”

Welcome home buddy!

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Sammy came “home” today for a temporary stay here at the condo until we hopefully can move into our house next week.  He’s been a perfect angel so far.  He slept in the car, he ran with us in the park and then headed himself to the car when he had had enough exercise, behaved wonderfully in Petsmart, and is now sleeping peacefully in his bed.

Sean and I are in love with him already.  So sweet, so patient, so chill.

Sean has been adorable, too.  He went outside and packed down a thirty-foot path so that the dog can poop on grass.  I have a feeling that Sammy Oscar is going to be a very happy dog for the rest of his sweet doggie years.

Merry Christmas, Mama!

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Since we were originally planning on moving today, I had the day off from work. Sean and I decided to go out to breakfast and head over to Cabela’s, our local camping store, and then to pick up a computer for my mama for Christmas.

Mom’s old computer was her Christmas present a few years ago, I can’t remember where I found it, but it was old and was attacked by a virus and hasn’t worked in months. Before it crashed, she loved to sign onto her computer at night to read this blog and to write my sister and me a nightly email. She didn’t usually have much to say, but still I’ve been missing her daily messages and I know she missed them, too.

So we bought her a used computer this morning and since Sean caught my cold, I drove to her house today to set it up while he slept.

The conversation went like this:

“Hi Mom! We bought you your Christmas present, actually, it’s from Carrie, Laura, Sean and me. Guess what it is!”

“Well, I don’t know. What could it be?”

“I’ll give you a hint: it starts with “C”!”

“Ooh, a candy cane?” (starts singing the “C” is for the candy cane around the Christmas tree lyric from Dean Martin’s Christmas Alphabet)

“No, it’s a COMPUTER!!!!”

She doesn’t have much, and she doesn’t usually need much; this is something I needed. I missed reading her emails at night. I didn’t like that she couldn’t keep up with us through my blog.

When we set it up and found out that this new computer was not yet capable for dial-up (what’s dial-up?), we headed to a local mall together to buy an external modem.

Mom and I sang Christmas carols the whole way. She bought me Josh Groban’s Christmas album to say thank you for her present and we picked up lunch as we sang along to our holiday favorites.

At my mama’s house, she let me open my Christmas presents (which include this awesome handmade scarf [see above picture] I had asked for) and gave me Sean’s and Sammy Oscar’s gifts to take home.

Here’s the first of many emails to come:

Hi girls 🙂 🙂
MERRY CHRISTMAS !!! I just wanted to send a big THANK-YOU to you both (and Laura and Sean too 🙂 for my new computer. I love it!! I didn’t realize how much I missed it til I got back on-line 🙂
I hope you are enjoying the weekend. They were predicting nasty weather but maybe it won’t amount to much. Anyway thanx again 🙂
Luv ya 🙂 🙂 Til next time…


Sean isn’t a big fan of Christmas, he sees traffic and money and hassle, but I’ve always been absolutely in love with this holiday, I get that from my mom. I’m hoping Sean will come to love this holiday, too.

Today was the relaxing holiday cheer I’ve been craving.

Out of sadness, joy.

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Sean’s aunt died this morning. He doesn’t know yet, and right now he is picking up his luggage and on his way home from the airport. His dad called this morning to tell me and asked me not to tell Sean until he got home, no need to make Sean dwell on the loss of a loved one as he sits on a three hour flight.

Although I’ve already talked to Sean twice today, he still is unaware. It has been hard not telling him, but his Dad is right…wait until he gets home.

While waiting for his plane to land, the lady from American Lab Rescue called me:

“We’ve received your application to adopt Oscar. Your application was wonderful. You and Sean will make the perfect home for Oscar. PS. He’s missing half an ear, but he is the most loving and well trained dog, do you still want him?”

I explained to the woman that YES! we want Oscar. But we won’t have our house until Wednesday, and Sean is unaware that his aunt died this morning. I asked her if we could wait a week or two before picking our new baby up for his new forever home.

No problem, she said, do you want to maybe meet Oscar beforehand? You could go see him today, the address is…

I’m hoping that when Sean comes home and I have to tell him about the loss of his very young aunt, Oscar will make him feel a little better. This is turning out to be quite a difficult holiday season thus far.

Insomnia is…

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Sean leaves for Orlando tomorrow morning before dawn. Another business trip, this time not for so long. He’ll be home Sunday, and after struggling through five weeks apart, I can survive three days standing on one leg. By Monday, we’ll own our first house.

As happy as I’ve been to buy this new and oh so large house, I’m starting to feel homesick for our condo. Sean has lived here for five years, almost six, and I for two. This is our home. And yet, we’re moving on to bigger and better things.

I can’t sleep. I keep trying paint colors over and over in my mind for the new house. I want the dining room to be red, but will the rest of the house flow? Green office? White office? Beige office? Blue bedroom? Slate gray? And what about the living room?

I’ll have to call the power company tomorrow to get everything turned on for Monday. And cable? I don’t even know where to start.

And so I get up out of bed, crawl out of our double sleeping bag where Sean lies cozy, adjust my eyes to the glow of the computer screen, sit a few minutes, grab the camera and head into the bathroom.

I’ve taken thousands of photos here in this bathroom over the last two years: photos of me and Sean brushing our teeth, photos of Meg on the day she cut her hand open, photos of water and of me in the mirror. I start to push the shutter button. I want to remember how I felt less than a week before my life would change forever. Our first house. That sounds so permanent.

This bathroom was so easy to paint. I knew what color it should be, I finished it in one day. I wish the colors of my new house would come to me so easily. I’m worried about whether or not I will feel at home in our new home. I hate waiting. I’m not one of those people who can wade into cold waters, I have to jump right in before I can get used to having wet cold feet.

Five days and counting.

Thermal underwear twins

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…At the end of a long day, Sean and I remove our pants to lounge around in long underwear.

Chillin’ in the garage

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Today, on the second coldest day in the history of the world, we cleaned out our garage. This morning after our yearly Christmas photo shoot with the kids, Kourtney came over and the three of us sorted through boxes as our fingers nearly fell off from frostbite.

In the garage we found yearbooks and baby books, photos and keepsakes which have been stored away for a decade.

I love looking through baby photos of Sean and his sisters. We play this game of guessing “is this Shannon or Kourtney” with each photo because his sisters are identical twins.

Standing outside in the cold all afternoon was totally worth the effort, these photos found of the three of them are fantastic:

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