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I’m wearing a wrist brace. The reason for this silly implement is that I lifted over a thousand pounds of pool chemicals today – in increments of 30 and 50 lbs, not all at once – and I tweaked a muscle in my left wrist. I’m not happy about such a silly injury. The tweak is sending other tweaks down my arm and to my elbow; my elbow is also not happy about it. But I did my best to keep schlepping my workload because I earn my nine dollars an hour. Hell, if I lost a finger at this job I’d probably pull out my lighter to cauterize the wound and keep on moving.

I can’t even count the number of times I nearly quit this temp job today. I mean, seriously, I applied for an office position. If I wanted a hard labor job for almost no money I would have stayed a landscaper.

Some of you have left comments stating that I am a hard worker. This is only half true. I am a hard worker only because I don’t have the balls to stick up for myself.

For instance: 4:55 today I was patiently waiting for those last five minutes of the day to crawl by so that I could finally hop in my car and head through rush-hour traffic to see my love. He would be in the living room, waiting patiently for that “Hi sweetie, how was your day?” hug, and I would forget the assness of work. We’re in love like that, we still rush home to see each other.

The boss looks at the clock. 4:56. Says, “You can work until six tonight instead of five”, and from now on start work a half hour later and reduce your hour-long lunch to 30 minutes.

And instead of sticking up for myself, stating that I simply cannot work weekends AND a whole hour later every day, I get back to my lifting and cleaning and customer servicing.

I don’t have the balls to tell him that my love is home waiting for me. That his sudden ‘change of plans’ practically tears my heart out. He’s taking away my quality time with Sean, and I sit back and take it.

I work hard because I am a wuss. But believe you me, I stew in those feelings of feeling lesser than the boss, working too hard for too little money, wondering when I’m finally going to get paid my worth.

Sean accepted his new general manager position today. He got the job. And although I am so incredibly proud of him, I am wondering when my break will come. But if anyone works hard in this family, it is Sean, and I am so thankful that his bosses acknowledge it.

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