I love you internet!

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I’ve met very few people in real life after reading their blogs, but those I have met and still those I have yet to meet have changed my life in countless ways. Two years back I met Andy for some swimming and he turned out to be an absolute riot. We stuck ice buckets on our heads and played guitar and had an all-around great time whilest he was on his travels and ended up in my wee little state for a short period.

And more recently, I met Binky and absolutely fell in love with her and her entire family.

Binky and TolbyShe lives in Connecticut too, and we first met at a park to take pictures of her adorable daughter.

We had been following each other around the internet via blogs and emails for quite some time and meeting her felt much like a date without the sex appeal (of course, if we were both lesbians we would already have left our men and filed for a civil union because that’s how cool she is), butterflies in stomach were included.

I was very nervous to meet the pair and came out of that day at the park loving them both as if I had known them for ages.

Binky and I like to compete for who has the messier bedroom and when her little darling baby says “thank you” or falls down and says “uh oh” with no tears, I realize how much I love the internet for introducing me to such awesome people.

Like this morning, for instance.  An internet friend of mine in Detroit  who knows what it feels like to be unemployed–that whole not really knowing what purpose I serve in the world feeling–sent me a picture message this morning of his son Max (Hi Max!) to brighten my day. I’ve been smiling all day because I know that there are some really cool people out there that think of me even though they’ve never actually talked with me face to face. It’s nice to know that I have friends like you all over the world.

There really is nothing like the internet. You all rock my socks.

In comments: have you ever met anyone from the internet? What was it like? Are you still friends? Did you later file for a restraining order? 🙂

In other news, filing taxes sucks.

Sean Gretzky

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Well it seems I’ve found a new hobby. Before two weeks ago I had ice skated only once in my life. And between last weekend and this one, I’ve learned to skate backwards (barely), stop myself before I bust an assbone, and I’ve played hockey for the first time.

I’m ridiculously sore from all of my four giant falls on the ice. My left side aches when I laugh and I involuntarily jump anytime my cocyx hits a hard surface. But DAMN, ice skating is fun. We went early in the morning, in the mid afternoon, and at night under the stars. I’d go everyday if we had an uncrowded rink nearby.

You have to see Sean skate. He’s been on the ice since he was walking so he’s pretty darned good at it. Sean holds my hands and skates backwards while I fumble around trying to skate forwards without falling. He speed skates and then stops himself with a spray of the ice and a jump of the feet. He’s really quite spectacular to watch.

Maybe I’m biased because I’m absolutely in love with him. You be the judge.

In other news, here is a video of me skating:

Pretty entertaining, if I can say so myself.

Tonight in Connecticut

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No tears here

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When I quit my landscaping job, I cried for two weeks straight. I felt almost as if someone very close to me had died. Quitting that job that I spent three years falling in love with was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I left not only a job but a family. They were a family of absolute misfits: some could barely walk, others spoke little English, most were a little crazy. And I loved them so much that the little money I brought home every two weeks didn’t matter. I was happy with my mangy and scruffy family of middle-aged boys.

This job? God, I’ve got about 10 more hours to go until I’m done with it forever, and I am regretting that there are that many hours left. The money is pretty good, and sometimes it’s great. But the hours are horrendous and the people are backstabbers–most of them anyway–and nothing is sacred. Everyone fucks over everyone else. No secret is kept. So I quit because I was tired of being everyone’s bitch, I quit because I was years away from getting health benefits, and I quit because I’d rather be doing something with my talents.

I’ll give you a for instance. Today when I told one woman that I was leaving, she pointed to the large pile of mail on the floor next to her and asked me when I was going to have the time to case her mail for her before I left tomorrow because she has a doctors appointment on Monday and she certainly can’t be bothered with her own duties. There were no “I’ll miss you”s or “See you later”s, it was the usual, “Do it now, Bitch” talk that I’ve been putting up with for the last eight months.

So instead of crying, I am finding myself overjoyed. Sean and I decided to hop back to Vermont for the weekend after work tomorrow to play in the snow because we can. Who knows what life has in store for me RE: a job, but honestly, I couldn’t care less at the moment. I’ll still get paid through the month and then our taxes will come in. Oh, the possibilities are endless and I am so excited.

Here’s us an hour ago with our new hockey sticks:

And without my ever-loving and supportive boyfriend, I probably wouldn’t have gone through with it. He is just so great.

I promise to be a more elaborate blogger when we return from VT on Sunday.


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Today, I quit my job.

My last day of being a mailman ever is Friday.

I don’t want to work

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 I have to be there in 12 minutes.  I would give anything to go back to sleep.  Should I tell my boss about how I fell on my ass while ice skating and bruised my cocyx?  🙂

Click the arrow to watch the picture video of this weekend’s excursion.

Home sweet house.

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We just got back from the Cabin in Vermont. I’ve got plenty of pictures and stories to tell about our little weekend excursion to utopia, but for now I’ll leave you with two: the first picture is of the cabin, the second is of the view of the backyard.


The backyard

Four feet of snow up north and a great weekend to be outdoors and enjoying the winter. I can’t remember the last time I laughed so much.


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Sean bought me my first pair of ice skates!  It’s taken me 23 years to own my very own personal skates.  I’ve only ever skated twice in my life, but Sean says that I’m already good at it.   We’re spending the weekend in Vermont, leaving after I get out of work tomorrow, and are hoping to find some romantic frozen pond to skate on without a thousand other people joining us.  The cabin is covered in about 4 feet of snowfall from this week’s storm.

The headline on the local 11pm news just said, “Police are looking for the suspect who robbed a boy and shot his dog tonight.”  C’mon dude, how sick can you get.  Seriously.

Anyway, have a great weekend.  I’ll take pictures for you.

Bringing in the Love with a Nor’easter

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Not only was today Valentine’s Day, but it was also our 11-monthiversary. Double celebrating here we come!

Today was the first time I drove an LLV in the snow. It is something I recommend every one try at least once.

Tell me about your Valentine, or puppies. You decide.

Mind Raper

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So here I am, working my way through horrendous back pain, delivering mail to the trailer park located immediately on the town line. The fact that I am ten feet away from the city line is the only reason I can think of to explain how such a filth-ridden cluster could possibly be a part of this rich town.

The old man, whom we will name “Creepy”, hobbles out of the nearby package store when he sees me drive close in the mail truck. He is toothless, in his mid-sixties, most likely drunk, wearing red flannels and a beaver hat.

“Are you the new mailman?” Creepy asked
“Only for today” I replied
“That’s a shame. Well at least I have something to look at today.”

No reply from me here.

Creepy stands next to the several cluster boxes that house the trailer park mail and looks me up and down for the entire five minutes that it takes me to rush through the delivery; stares at me with that look as if he is memorizing my features to whack off to later.

As soon as I finish the mail I drive away and call Sean.

“I’m quitting this job!” I tell him through half tears. “Maybe not today, maybe not next month, but I am quitting.”

Sean agrees. I don’t care about the money, I’m better than this.

Blogging everyday

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My Nikon has been out of commission for the last few months due to a faulty shutter problem and a constant error message in the viewfinder.

I can describe what not having a good quality digital SLR camera feels like: it is having to pee while on a five-hour car ride and you’re in the middle of Eastbumfuck and the next exit is 17 miles away.

Today, right before I just about spent my entire paycheck on a new SLR, I tinkered around with the mirrors inside of my old camera and somehow I got it to half work. And then I spent the entire afternoon taking photos. I’m happy to report that I am no longer going through Nikon withdrawal.

Tree stump


Cold winter geese

Patrick has huge lips

Good fences make good neighbors




Thank you for letting me post three-thousand pictures. I feel much better now.


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I wore a pair of men’s jeans today. Size 28 X30. Found them on sale at Target for $6.48. Oddly enough they fit me, so I bought them. I’ve never gotten so made fun of at work before. It was pretty hilarious. Everyone was wondering where my ass went, or who the real owner of my man pants was, “Is Sean that small?”

And then when I told my coworkers how much I bought my pants for, they replied: You paid too much.

Today has been so great. Spirits were [mostly] high around the office and we just laughed and laughed all day. No one complained. Work was easy. And I was home by 1:30.


And then I went to the pet store to buy a vacuum cleaner–i.e. suckerfish–for my fish tank and bought yet another goldfish. I couldn’t help it, he was getting bit by another fish and I just needed to get him out of that store and into my friendly tank complete with new vacuum cleaner.

So meet Jackson (on L) who is half the size of our lumpy-faced fish Egor (on R):

If I had the money I’m sure I’d be one of those people who adopt a thousand pets to give them a good home. Lucky for Sean, I don’t have the money.

Me and a gun

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It was a good cold day to go out and sing the most depressing A Capella song I’ve ever heard. It’s by Tori Amos and is written about her personal experience of being raped.

Wordless Wednesday

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