A new eye-dentity

March 25, 2008 at 7:23 pm | Posted in News | 5 Comments

So. I bought my first set of contacts today. No more stinkin’ glasses for me. It’s an adjustment, not having something on my face, but it’s a welcome adjustment.

I felt so cool when I first put them on and had a hard time an hour later not telling the woman in Target that I was here to buy contact lens solution…. for MY NEW CONTACT LENSES!

When Sean came home I waited for him to say something. He shuffled through the mail, pet the dogs, kissed me. I waited. Finally, an eternity later, I said,

“Look at my new eyes!”.

He said, “You always look like that.”

I answered, “Yes, but, I can actually see you right now.”

Amazing. Hey guess what! I don’t have to wear glasses any more unless I want to.  I’ve totally joined the club.

Right before our lives changed forever

February 9, 2008 at 8:51 pm | Posted in News, Puppy | 3 Comments

This cute baby is Jasmine and she’s coming home with us tomorrow.

She was rescued by American Lab Rescue, the same rescue agency as Sam, and was saved from a high kill shelter in Sulpher, Louisiana. She appears to be a golden retriever/lab mix and she is oh-so-cute.

We’ve been thinking about getting a second puppy since the day we brought Sam home. He seems to get really lonely often, even if we’re sitting right here with him. Sean keeps saying, “You’re gonna get a sister, buddy!” as if to prepare him for tomorrow’s events.

I’ve been showing this adoption photo of Jasmine to everyone for a few days now but was still unsure if we would be able to adopt her until a few minutes ago when I spoke with her foster mom. And with all of this Jasmine talk around the house and the new purchase of crates and beds and leashes and toys and treats, I already feel like she’s ours.

Hopefully they come to love each other…. Hopefully I can handle walking two giant dogs on a leash. Just look at that cute pink tongue!

Dog vs. cat

January 29, 2008 at 6:15 pm | Posted in News, Puppy, sisters | 6 Comments

I went in for an abdominal CAT Scan this afternoon, dragging my feet behind me. My sister knew how nervous I have been over the last few weeks for this silly procedure so she accompanied me to the hospital. I wasn’t told any results and I’m glad it is over. Wipes brow.

All day I told my sister about how Sammy has turned me into a dog person. Seriously. Look at my blog. Look at his blog. It’s obvious that I love this dog, and it is pretty hard for everyone he meets not to fall in love with him. He is the kind of dog that makes you feel enriched at the sight of his cute little puppy eyes.

I wont go willingly. I’ve got 24 years of being a cat person under my belt and I would still take a cat’s side in a court of law. But now I’ve even become addicted to seeing Sam interact with OTHER dogs, too. I think I love going to the dog park more than he does. It’s almost as if I like dogs! Weird.

I brought my camera with me to my two(!) visits to the dog park today, and I discovered that I love to photograph dogs.

So I started a Dog Park blog.

I used to love children’s photography, but I never felt comfortable sharing my photos with anyone because a lot of parents are protective of who should view their child’s picture. I have a feeling that even though I didn’t ask these dogs’ parents if I could post their pictures online, no one will mind. In fact, some of the owners asked if I could make copies of the shots and bring them back to the dog park.

So go visit the new site and tell me what type of person you are in comments: Dog or Cat.

Nurse Carrie-Lynn

January 6, 2008 at 11:57 am | Posted in News, sisters | 5 Comments

Drumroll please….. Today is my sister’s first day ever as a nurse!!!

She’s done with school and taking care of patients right now as we speak.  I couldn’t be more proud of her.  She is going to make the most wonderful nurse in the whole world –tied with Laura Margaret, of course.

Happy new year!!!!!!

January 1, 2008 at 2:14 pm | Posted in News | 2 Comments

We don’t have internet in our new house yet.  High speed arrives Saturday morning along with glorious, glorious cable television.  But I can check my email from my phone now and then and last week one message in particular caught my eye; the subject line: Blogging every day in 2008.

Now I haven’t had internet in two weeks or so and without my connection to the blogworld, I’ve felt as if I’ve been living life in a bubble.  I keep in touch with many of my friends through blogging.  I force myself to write daily through blogging, even if it is a simple “this is what I did today” post.  I take more photographs so that my friends around the globe can see what life is like here in New England.  I am happy to spend part of my day reflecting.

Blogging feels like a luxury to me now that I’ve had to live without it, so why not try to post every day in 2008?  You can do it, too, if you try.  Since I won’t have internet until Saturday, I’m going to have to post offline, but I plan on setting this goal and you can plan on seeing me here every day.

Happy 2008!


December 25, 2007 at 11:29 am | Posted in Home, News | 16 Comments

Well, we bought the house and are all moved in!!!  I basically live in the new bathtub and we love the new place.  We painted my office this weekend and started putting things away.  I’m blogging from my brother-in-law Scott’s house and I am itching to have my own internet connection set up.  Thanks for all of the well wishes and I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas, and if I don’t get online sooner, a happy new year, too!


December 21, 2007 at 10:06 am | Posted in Home, News | 11 Comments

We supposedly close on the house at 11:30 this morning.  We won’t have internet in the new place until January 5th, so blogging may be scarce, but I’ll keep you updated. 🙂

Bad luck day

December 19, 2007 at 5:15 pm | Posted in News | 7 Comments
  • Locked myself and Sammy out of the house and had to flag down a neighbor to call Sean to let us back indoors.
  • Lost my cell phone (!) on a hike through the woods with Carrie.
  • Nearly ran out of gas while driving around New Haven looking for cell phone.
  • Still no house.

HUGE congrats!!!

December 17, 2007 at 7:09 pm | Posted in dreams, News, sisters | 6 Comments

My sister Carrie finished nursing school today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We are prouder than proud parents because she worked extremely hard for this nursing degree and she is going to make the best nurse, aside from Laura Margaret, ever.  Congrats sister!!

You’ve got to be kidding me

December 10, 2007 at 10:31 am | Posted in Agitated, Home, News | 11 Comments

House closing has been moved to Friday.

I just called my realtor and ripped her a new asshole. Even though it isn’t her fault that the seller’s lawyers keep rescheduling, I wanted to make sure she knew that we weren’t messing around here, we have until the end of the month to be completely moved out of this condo.

I told her about the death of Sean’s aunt, our constant stress, the homeless doggie Oscar who is sitting in a kennel awaiting our new home, the fact that we will be homeless in about two weeks if they keep this up.

Her answer, and I quote: “Oh this is nothing… you should’ve seen how stressed I was at MY house closing.”

Bitch, do me a favor and know when to shut up for once.

Remember that cat we rescued last week?

December 8, 2007 at 9:43 pm | Posted in News | 1 Comment

I found him online tonight while looking for adoptable pound puppies.

“Billy is a comical young man with a great personality.. He was rescued off the streets of this town and is looking for his forever home.. come down and see Billy and all his friends here at our shelter..”

If only we had been itching for a cat, this little guy would be ours. Who knows, maybe I’ll cave and adopt him anyway.

Protected: On the homefront

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Protected: Going green

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Protected: Home sweet condo

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