I didn’t photograph this moment

May 24, 2007 at 7:58 pm | Posted in Sean-ism | 6 Comments

The scene: Sean and I are both butt naked. I am crouched on the closed toilet seat and he is sitting in our empty bathtub. I am cutting his hair. Usually we are clothed in our makeshift hair salon, but since it’s been so friggin hot today and we planned on showering, we stripped for the hair cut. Sean is sweating so much that his newly trimmed hair is sticking to his back.

Sweetie, you are sexy, I say with extra emphasis on the X. I come off sounding like a southern belle who has had too much whiskey.

He answers: I am fat and sweating like a stuck pig.

He’s lucky I didn’t laugh hard enough to accidentally shave off one of his ears.

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