This is the dork in me

May 7, 2007 at 7:47 pm | Posted in Sean, silly pants | 11 Comments


Shwinnnnnng! Look what Sean bought me. It’s a My Book external hard drive. 320GB. Do you know how big that is? I can put all of my photos on it, and believe you me, I take a lot of photos.

I knew yesterday that I had computer memory problems when I tried printing some nursing itinerary out for my sister and my computer alerted me that I did not have enough memory to open her word document. It’s true. I used up my entire 150GB of memory with pictures.

We went to the store to buy blank cds. We came out with a monster of a hard drive.

I told Sean that he could find himself a prostitute tonight and smoke crack if he wanted, because I am in all of my huge memory space owner glory. He decided instead that he would like to play Xbox football. Sold! to the cute boy who bought me a My Book.

Guilty pleasures in comments, the weird things that make you happy. A new bath mat? New shoes? The first bite of a Reese’s peanut butter cup? Underwear right out of the package?

Make me feel like less of a geek. Please.

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