Dog vs. cat

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I went in for an abdominal CAT Scan this afternoon, dragging my feet behind me. My sister knew how nervous I have been over the last few weeks for this silly procedure so she accompanied me to the hospital. I wasn’t told any results and I’m glad it is over. Wipes brow.

All day I told my sister about how Sammy has turned me into a dog person. Seriously. Look at my blog. Look at his blog. It’s obvious that I love this dog, and it is pretty hard for everyone he meets not to fall in love with him. He is the kind of dog that makes you feel enriched at the sight of his cute little puppy eyes.

I wont go willingly. I’ve got 24 years of being a cat person under my belt and I would still take a cat’s side in a court of law. But now I’ve even become addicted to seeing Sam interact with OTHER dogs, too. I think I love going to the dog park more than he does. It’s almost as if I like dogs! Weird.

I brought my camera with me to my two(!) visits to the dog park today, and I discovered that I love to photograph dogs.

So I started a Dog Park blog.

I used to love children’s photography, but I never felt comfortable sharing my photos with anyone because a lot of parents are protective of who should view their child’s picture. I have a feeling that even though I didn’t ask these dogs’ parents if I could post their pictures online, no one will mind. In fact, some of the owners asked if I could make copies of the shots and bring them back to the dog park.

So go visit the new site and tell me what type of person you are in comments: Dog or Cat.

A most important letter

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I wanted to share a letter that my sister Carrie wrote to the governor in support of gay marriage. My eyes teared a bit when I read it, because I want marriage and more for Carrie and Laura.

Dear Governor Rell,

I am writing to you in favor of making gay marriage legal
in the state of Connecticut. I am engaged to my girlfriend Laura.
We are anxiously awaiting the state’s decision. I’ve lived in
Connecticut my entire life, but she and I are seriously considering
moving to Massachusetts if this resolution does not pass. What Laura and I want is not a “civil union.” We want what we feel we are entitled to: marriage. We know marriage is hard work, and we want the credit. Semantics are important. People look at her ring and ask,
“Can you even get married?” It isn’t fair that we should have
something separate from our friends, family, and parents.
I was registered to vote when I was 17 years old, and I
vote in every election. I’m 27 now and after ten years of watching,
and pulling that lever, I can feel that the times are changing.
People in Connecticut want to support each other. I urge you to
consider me and my family when you consider this issue.

Let’s hope that the people of our state can find it in their hearts to realize that Love Makes a Family.

The happiest news!!

January 18, 2008 at 9:13 pm | Posted in family, Marriage, sisters | 14 Comments

My sister Carrie asked Laura to marry her last Friday! How wonderful! The two of them were made for each other. I’ve never seen Carrie so infinitely happy.

Laura is pure sunshine. Laura has been a part of our family since the first day we met her, she changed our lives with her overwhelming sincerity, kind soul, and beauty.

Since I was a child, I wanted nothing but the absolute best for my sister. She deserves everything the world could offer. Laura walked into our lives three years ago and Carrie-Lynn hasn’t stopped smiling since. It would be an understatement to say that Laura is the best thing that has ever happened to my sister.

Laura, we love you so much and are elated for you both. May your years be plentiful and your hearts be full. Congratulations on your engagement!

Nurse Carrie-Lynn

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Drumroll please….. Today is my sister’s first day ever as a nurse!!!

She’s done with school and taking care of patients right now as we speak.  I couldn’t be more proud of her.  She is going to make the most wonderful nurse in the whole world –tied with Laura Margaret, of course.

Sister hike

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HUGE congrats!!!

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My sister Carrie finished nursing school today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We are prouder than proud parents because she worked extremely hard for this nursing degree and she is going to make the best nurse, aside from Laura Margaret, ever.  Congrats sister!!

Protected: Irish sisters

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Protected: Carrie and the ManCouch

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Protected: First Fall day

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Protected: Our day with Carrie and Laura (part II):

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Protected: For Carrie

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Protected: My sister has always been a lesbian

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A sister Saturday

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I drove down to the city to spend the day yet again with Carrie and Laura. I love that they are both nurses because when I have a cold, as I do, they listen to my lungs and take extra special care of me. They also don’t distance themselves just because I am sick, instead they are full of hugs and kisses. I love them.

Romance in the hallway

Me and Carrie and Titan in the new kitchen (taken by Laura)

I’ve been dying to see one of these new weird Star Wars mailboxes in person!

A tree at Yale

Carrie is flashing the “Volkeswagen” symbols

A somber Carrie and Laura sit on the porch reading about the Virginia Tech victims

We had so much fun! I love hanging out with them. We’re doing it again next Saturday. And how about this weather! Hope you got outside today.

And here’s the video:

Sister day

March 29, 2007 at 8:48 pm | Posted in family, Happy, Love, Photographs, sisters | 6 Comments

I drove to the city to see Carrie-Lynn (and Titan the cat) today.  We went for a lovely hike and then to IKEA for lunch.  The weather was perfect, as was the Swedish food that we ate.

We had a little talk about how having a sister is a wonderful thing.  We are best friends for life and no matter what happens, she will always be there for me and I for her.

We’ve always been close.  Even when she broke my leg pushing me down the stairs, and during the countless times she kicked the crap out of me, or scalded me with hot water in the shower, or threw me out of her room for trying to hang out with her and her very cool friends; even when she put on my doll’s diaper and peed in it.

We were sisters when I threw her soccer trophy at her knee, when I hit her in her newly developing bosoms with one of her crutches, or threw a piano bench at her, or read her diary in sixth grade and screamed out YOU LOVE SO AND SO! in front of everyone during a fight.

We will always have that competition for the longer hair, as if the length of our hair symbolizes the secret power that we wish to hold over the other.  We will always look the same, confuse those who call us on the telephone because they can’t tell us apart, wear the same silly expressions on our face when we read poetry aloud.

We have a history.  A sister history.  And it is ours and only ours.  We will always have our memories, and each other.

I am thankful to have a sister like mine.

Who are you thankful for?

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