It must be “screw-customer-service” weekend

February 24, 2008 at 6:57 pm | Posted in Agitated, Life | 4 Comments

I dropped off my digital prints at Walgreens at 11AM. Pick up time was 11:30. We didn’t get home from New Haven until 3PM and figured our pictures were long overdue to be retrieved.

The little acne-faced teenager behind the counter apologized and told me that my photos weren’t ready, but they would be printed in about 10-15 minutes. Sure, no problem. So Sean and I walked around the store for a half hour before asking again if our photos were ready.

Still no.

When I asked him again how long he thought it might take, the little brat gave us an attitude and told me that the machine hasn’t even warmed up yet. So because there is only so much of the interior of a Walgreens that we could stomach, we drove home.

The kid called my cellphone an hour later to notify me that my pictures were almost done. I thanked him and drove down to get them after taking the dogs for a long walk.

Before I even walked up to the counter, the kid had my photos in hand and was already scanning them. I thought, “Wow, what a nice kid. He remembered who I was and is actually going to ring out my photos at his counter so I don’t have to wait in line!” I thanked him kindly for my photos and when he apologized about the machine not working I told him that it was not a problem at all, thanks again.

So then get this. The little snot said to me, “Since the machine broke I gave you two dollars off of your purchase… ya happy now?”

Am I happy now? What a shithead.

Instead of verbally expressing my thoughts, I thanked him for the two dollars.  Geez, I didn’t think I was that hard to please.

Next time I’m going to pick up my photos somewhere else.


December 19, 2007 at 7:29 am | Posted in Agitated, Home | 2 Comments

I don’t think we can take much more of this stress. Give us our house or go away forever so we can pick up the pieces of our shattered lives. We have a large dog living with us in a small condo. He’s been great, really, but it’s time for us to move into our house now. I’m afraid to leave him alone because he’ll probably bark once I leave.

I just keep holding on to the idea of relaxing in our tub as soon as they give us the key, letting Sam run around in the backyard without worrying what the neighbors think, talking to Sean without him bringing up some stressful comment which makes me panic at how this stress is engulfing him.

I’m watching an infomercial on colon cleansing. Today is my last day off from work and the day that the cable was supposed to be installed in the new house. Instead of getting all of the moving done this week as planned, we have done nothing but wait.


Waiting for Sammy

December 14, 2007 at 5:06 pm | Posted in Agitated, Home, Puppy | 3 Comments

The closing was canceled for today. It is now postponed until Monday or Tuesday of next week.

4.5 hours left.

December 14, 2007 at 9:03 am | Posted in Agitated, Home | Comments Off on 4.5 hours left.

Nine AM on house closing morning and we have yet to be informed if we are closing or not. We don’t know if our emergency mortgage solution went through or not and no one is calling us. We left word on our mortgage broker’s voicemail.

The fact that neither our realtor or our mortgage broker are calling makes me feel as if we are making a huge mistake by working with them.

I told Sean last night that if I tell a cell phone customer I will call them, you bet your ass I will call and if I’m going to be ten minutes later than told, I will call them twice to tell them that I will not be calling as promised. And a cell phone is a bit less expensive than BUYING A HOUSE.

I feel like vomiting. I haven’t eaten in a few days. I’m trying to keep it together.

After I got off the phone with our realtor last night and became outraged that all she is doing is praying for us right now instead of making those phone calls that will lead us to our house, I felt more helpless than ever.

Last night, after feeling absolute angst in my heart all night for this woman who has been nothing but rude and inconsiderate to us since we found our house, I needed to do something, anything.

So Sean and I cuddled in bed and decided that maybe we should pray about it, too.

Now, I haven’t seriously prayed in I can’t tell you how long, and the same goes for Sean. And even though we are not quite sure what we believe in we held hands and prayed aloud, together, as a family. And it may have been the most wonderful feeling I had all day.

If I want the fate of this puppy, of our family, to go into anyone’s hands, I certainly don’t want our future in the hands of two unprofessionals who refuse to be there for us at such a horrific and stressful time.

About to jump off a cliff

December 13, 2007 at 7:14 pm | Posted in Agitated, Home | Comments Off on About to jump off a cliff

The update is this:

We close on the house tomorrow. Or do we. We’re not sure.

Yesterday our realtor texted me at work to inform me that our mortgage broker has been trying to get in touch with Sean for two days. Um?

So I call him, knowing that there must be something awry; Sean wouldn’t ignore calls from our mortgage broker. So I call him. And he calls the mortgage broker.

Our dumb Manhattan bag lady realtor gave our mortgage broker the wrong phone number so we hadn’t gotten a single message to call. You would think someone would figure out that maybe they should call us at work? Email us maybe?

The important message was that our mortgage hasn’t gone through yet. Are you fucking kidding me? We were supposed to close last Monday and we were told two weeks ago that the mortgage was already all set.

So Sean sent the further documentation to our mortgage broker and now they are rushing to get us a mortgage by tomorrow@1:30PM.

These morons we are working with are ruining our life. Seriously. All we want is our stupid house and our sweet sweet puppy.

So, I called the realtor a few hours ago to check the status. Her exact words?

“Wellllll, no news. Oh well. But I have everyone I know praying for you.”

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Unless Jesus is a mortgage lender, we’re still going to need you to do your job.

You’ve got to be kidding me

December 10, 2007 at 10:31 am | Posted in Agitated, Home, News | 11 Comments

House closing has been moved to Friday.

I just called my realtor and ripped her a new asshole. Even though it isn’t her fault that the seller’s lawyers keep rescheduling, I wanted to make sure she knew that we weren’t messing around here, we have until the end of the month to be completely moved out of this condo.

I told her about the death of Sean’s aunt, our constant stress, the homeless doggie Oscar who is sitting in a kennel awaiting our new home, the fact that we will be homeless in about two weeks if they keep this up.

Her answer, and I quote: “Oh this is nothing… you should’ve seen how stressed I was at MY house closing.”

Bitch, do me a favor and know when to shut up for once.

Protected: I need some good karma

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Protected: Don’t touch the fish!

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You need this rant

May 17, 2007 at 5:55 pm | Posted in Agitated, Employment, Uncategorized | 8 Comments

Today was a grade-A shitty day. The optimistic side of me says, wait a minute, it’s only 6:30, maybe it will improve. The sane part of me thinks that enough fecal matter has been dropped on today that nothing, aside from a newly appointed engagement ring or a giant bowl of heath bar-filled ice cream, could make today better.

I woke up late. Seriously? I can’t remember the last time I did that. I was twenty minutes late for work and my bosses were taking bets as to what had happened to me: she quit because of your yelling, her car broke down, she’s drunk. If those two sweet loud elderly bosses of mine knew me at all they would know that these scenarios are simply impossible. I am not easy to scare off (unless you hit me), I drive a nice new CR-V that can’t break down because it is a Honda, and I rarely drink. I simply was enjoying the dream that I was having and had to finish it before real life kicked me awake.

Since my bosses didn’t really seem to care that I was late, I spent the rest of the day wallowing in ex-Catholic guilt about how terrible a person I am to value those few minutes of sleep over my job. So thanks to Jesus, I kissed their ass for the rest of the day to make up for my downfalls. I took a short lunch, waited in a ridiculous line at the post office to buy them 41¢ stamps, and repaired all of their pool filters. I let them yell at me on occasion, and didn’t complain when I cut three of my fingers.

And then the cloudy rainy wet weather came. And suddenly everything that could make me sad in the world mixed itself in those raindrops and made me feel like crying for absolutely no reason at all except that I am a failure and I once called my professor “dude” and there are people starving in this world while I own a 5lb container of macaroni salad.

And then there was the traffic, and the lady at the gas station who gave me the wrong brand of cigarettes. And when I went to take my first shower of the day, covered in grease and dirt and crushed diatomaceous earth from the filters, my roommate turned on the washing machine and the shower water spewed cold remnants of heat.

And the moral of all of this bitching is this: I feel fine now that I’ve written it all down. How silly it was of me to think that my life was over because I had a stupid day. This is why blogging is cool, people. This macaroni salad is damn good.

Tell me how your day was.

Mind Raper

February 13, 2007 at 5:09 pm | Posted in Agitated | 12 Comments

So here I am, working my way through horrendous back pain, delivering mail to the trailer park located immediately on the town line. The fact that I am ten feet away from the city line is the only reason I can think of to explain how such a filth-ridden cluster could possibly be a part of this rich town.

The old man, whom we will name “Creepy”, hobbles out of the nearby package store when he sees me drive close in the mail truck. He is toothless, in his mid-sixties, most likely drunk, wearing red flannels and a beaver hat.

“Are you the new mailman?” Creepy asked
“Only for today” I replied
“That’s a shame. Well at least I have something to look at today.”

No reply from me here.

Creepy stands next to the several cluster boxes that house the trailer park mail and looks me up and down for the entire five minutes that it takes me to rush through the delivery; stares at me with that look as if he is memorizing my features to whack off to later.

As soon as I finish the mail I drive away and call Sean.

“I’m quitting this job!” I tell him through half tears. “Maybe not today, maybe not next month, but I am quitting.”

Sean agrees. I don’t care about the money, I’m better than this.

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