My 100 things


In no particular order:

  1. I am a candy addict. I will pretty much eat any sugar you give me
  2. I am not afraid to cut my own bangs on a whim, but they always come out terrible because I hate having bangs
  3. I am almost always cold. In the winter my hobbies include sitting in front of a space heater and roasting myself in ridiculous heat
  4. I love to take baths
  5. I have big feet (size 9) for being only 5’6″
  6. I play several instruments, including but not limited to: piano, guitar, banjo, recorder, kazoo
  7. I sing every day
  8. I tire of spaghetti sauce quickly and Sean usually has to plead with me to make pasta
  9. I rarely finish an entire can of soda in one sitting
  10. I love to go skinny dipping
  11. I carry a camera everywhere
  12. I feed oranges to my fish for extra calcium
  13. I don’t bite my fingernails
  14. I will eat barbecue sauce on anything
  15. I had severe Lyme Disease in college
  16. I type fast
  17. I can belch the alphabet
  18. I taught a sign language class in high school
  19. I like to read
  20. I will always do karaoke
  21. I love Vermont and Raffi the children’s singer
  22. I like watching Dirty Jobs
  23. Sean says I’m a swell looker
  24. I love cats, especially stray cats
  25. I listen to folk music
  26. I don’t know how to downhill ski and have never tried it
  27. I like to ice skate
  28. I am afraid of starting fires
  29. I enjoy camping
  30. I can touch my nose with my tongue
  31. I like the movie K-Pax and think that Kevin Spacey is HAWT
  32. I met Sean at a biker bar
  33. I can’t wait to be a mom
  34. I’ve never been real-life duck hunting
  35. I own less than a dozen pairs of shoes
  36. I never wore underwear until I realized that they do in fact make a size 4, and they fit my bum
  37. I can’t cook
  38. I like to make videos and give them to people on their birthday
  39. I don’t wear a watch
  40. I get goosebumps when people talk about fate
  41. My heaviest weight was 115lbs
  42. I love to learn
  43. I have a poor attention span unless it comes to photo editing, and then I can sit still for hours
  44. I was the nonfiction editor of my college literary magazine
  45. I earned the high school English award upon graduating–it was a simple red rope
  46. I love shopping for things on sale
  47. I showed a cow in a 4H show and got 4th place… out of four
  48. I eat bacon whenever possible
  49. The only bloggers I’ve met in real life were Binky and Andy
  50. I am right handed
  51. I am allergic to bees
  52. I like my feet rubbed
  53. Sometimes I read digital clocks backwards and upside down so the number spell out words. I.E. 11:38 spells out BELL
  54. I root for the Red Sox
  55. I love my Irish heritage but have never been to Ireland
  56. I know Pig Latin
  57. I was in eight choirs during my freshman year of college
  58. I once hurt my back lifting a lawnmower onto a pickup truck by myself
  59. I went to physical therapy for the back pain
  60. I ended up dating my physical therapist and that pretty much relieved the pain
  61. I love to eat raw cookie dough
  62. My favorite band is Fleetwood Mac
  63. I get intoxicated from one beer
  64. I get very nervous waiting in lines for roller coasters, but love the actual ride
  65. I take showers hot enough to burn my skin off
  66. I was hard of hearing until age four
  67. I have blue eyes
  68. I wanted to be a storm chaser when I was a kid, actually I just wanted to be Helen Hunt
  69. I am my mother’s youngest daughter
  70. I take things literally
  71. I’ve had stitches once, on my face after a dog bite
  72. I hate seafood
  73. I’m messy
  74. I prefer extra firm pillows to soft
  75. I’ve only owned two cars, a VW Jetta and a Honda CR-V
  76. I rode 4,000 miles to Newfoundland on the back of a motorcycle
  77. I didn’t get my licence until I was 19
  78. I hate public speaking but can sing solos in front of thousands with ease
  79. I was born September 02, 1983
  80. I was born on a friday–which means I am loving and giving
  81. I can only poop in public or at home, never at a friend’s house
  82. I was a camp counselor at Laurel Music Camp
  83. I know all of the words to Billy Joel’s song We didn’t start the fire
  84. I can’t dance
  85. I once wrote a song
  86. The only poem I have memorized is “Stopping by woods on a snowy evening” by Robert Frost
  87. I went on a cruise once and won the Karaoke competition. People asked me if the cruiseline hired me as a professional singer for the rest of the trip
  88. My best friends sing too
  89. I’ve never had a hernia
  90. I can spell Mississippi backwards
  91. I am madly in love with Sean
  92. I can keep a secret
  93. …Unless it involves giving someone a present. I have no patience when it comes to happiness
  94. I prefer black and white photography
  95. I am good at baseball and terrible at golf
  96. I am certified to drive a mail truck
  97. I remember all of my dreams
  98. I love crafts: painting and drawing especially
  99. I have big boobs
  100. I can put my legs behind my head


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  1. You are exactly one week older than me.
    Woohoo for Friday birthdays!

    Oranges? To your fish?


  2. I was seven days old when you were born.

    Fish like things like oranges and apples and cucumbers. It gives them nutrients and they spooge for fruit.

  3. Ahh yes I too know all the words to Billy Joel’s Fire song. Quite handy in pitch or for calming and entertaining a baby. Remember that when you come mom.

  4. Oops, I meant “become a mom”. You too will lose your grasp on the English language when you come mom. Did it again. Drat.

  5. 49. The only bloggers I’ve met in real life were Binky and Andy

    That’s totally not true! I’ve met you a thousand times! You drove me to the hospital when I almost died and couldn’t walk! Hell, I just saw you and Sean in Target two weeks ago! We hugged! It was awesome!

    I Love exclamation points!


    …but no seriously, we’ve definitely met before. Am I not a person? Is it because I play trombone?

  6. Drew. I didn’t meet you on the blog. I knew you beforehand remember? We’ve been friends for years. Just because you have a blog doesn’t mean you get to be added to #49.

  7. I just realised I am ten years older than you. I am becoming ancient, and am worried that I like being an old curmudgeon.

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