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At work, I talk on the phone all day.   Some days I love it, talking to people from all over the country, learning about their lives a thousand miles away from mine.  Is it snowing where you are?  Other days when the calls come in,  I have to force myself to put on a friendly tone, to force myself to care about some stranger’s cell phone.

I’m a therapist, really, helping faceless customers.

I had an elderly man talk to me for an hour yesterday about his life in the war and after the war, his grandchildren, retirement.  During calls like these, I am thankful for the opportunity to connect with these strangers.

I bet that man would sit wonderfully in a photograph, tattooed with wrinkles which illustrate his life.


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I posted this picture on the day I got my new job. Fast forward to today, nine months later. Today I was notified of a salary increase. I got a raise! Just one more reason for me to love my job!!!

Sean and I are going to go celebrate with some pajamas and American Idol.

Countdown to end Hell week.

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This week has been a miserable one.  My mood has been cheery, but my days have been long.  I haven’t arrived home from work before ten o’clock once this week and I have come home to Sean already asleep after his long days at work.  We’ve probably seen each other for about three hours in the last three days.

I just can’t wait until tomorrow because I only work until 6 on Saturdays and then I will finally be able to see my Love.

I love snow jobs

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Oh how the times have changed! When I worked as a landscaper I was expected to be at work during snowstorms; it was my job to be there to plow and to sand. I thought nothing of driving through treacherous blizzards in my tiny VW Jetta only to get behind the wheel of a large plow truck to drive some more.

Even as a mailman I drove in the snow, without four-wheel drive, sitting on the passenger side of an LLV. It was my job to be there — in rain, sleet, snow, and the like. And I manned up to the challenge.

But today I sat at work pissed off that my company would make us drive through this storm to sit at our desks all day long to listen to those cranky butts who had nothing to do but call in to bitch about their cellphones…because they were home due to snow.

It took me almost two hours to drive home from work tonight. Partially because I was the middle car in a long train of slowpokes, partially because I decided to stop at Walgreens for new hairbrushes. Throughout that drive I contemplated how much I used to love working during snowstorms, being the only ones up and on the road at 2AM, drinking so much coffee your heart explodes.

Maybe it’s not the working through the storm I dislike, maybe it’s the fact that I no longer can feel the snow as it falls.

It was a slow day at work

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Back to schoooooool!

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Suddenly I found myself sitting in the cafeteria being coerced into registering for college.  Peer pressure, I guess, my coworker decided to enroll in two IT 16-week long online courses and within two minutes I had the college registrars on the phone.

My company pays for me to go to college, and I’ve always been a little computer geeky, so this will be a good opportunity to get some tech support recognition under my belt.  And for free!

Online college is no UConn — there will be no concerts or writing seminars, streaking through the halls at 3AM, underage drinking, or dining halls — but I am excited nonetheless.

Learning?  For free?  What is this phenomenon you speak of?

Twilight Zone

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Work requested that I make outbound calls today.

Usually, you call me because you need help. Today, I called you. Most of you were gentle and realized that I had good intentions and I was on your side, one of you slammed the phone down, most of you let the answering machine pick up.

H-E-L-L-O. W-E A-R-E N-O-T H-O-M-E. P-L-E-A-S-E L-E-A-V-E A M-E-S-S-A-G-E A-F-T-E-R T-H-E B-E-E-P.


After the thirtieth call, I began to lose mental conscience. I left message after message for you, and you, and you. Every call started to blur together and I couldn’t help but think about how great it would feel to be tucked in for bed for the night.

After the sixtieth call, I began counting down the minutes until closing time. Today was the longest day of my life.

Here at home, we are about to attempt to give the dog a shower. He needs one. Ambitious of us? Maybe. But Sam pooped on his tail today.

Christmas party pooper

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Today was our work Christmas/holiday party and also my first day back on the job in a week. We had a secret Santa gift exchange and happily, I drew my friend Shawn’s name.  EASY: he’s Irish, likes to drink on occasion, a dog-lover, happily married — he’s a lot like my Sean.

So I bought him Guinness pub glasses.

Maybe not work appropriate, but a present I knew he would like.

I wrapped Shawn’s present last night and went to sleep excited to go back to work and celebrate the holidays with my work friends and teammates.

This morning I woke up dry heaving, in severe stomach pain, coughing up spit and drained of energy.

It must be stress. I ran out of my ulcer medication three days ago. I’m a bum.

I took Sammy for two long walks before work and the cold air made my stomach feel a little better. I dropped him off at home and headed to work.

By noontime, we walked up to our team meeting/holiday party. I still felt sick but now I felt desperate for a garbage can or a toilet. I walked right into that meeting, stared at all of my coworkers, told my boss who was sitting at the head of the table that I needed to go home now. She looked at me and said, “are you sure you can’t stay for the party?” I nearly threw up on her as I told her no, I had to go.

Ironically, Shawn had picked my name for secret Santa too, so he handed me my present — a Dunkin Donuts gift card, candles, and a silver photo frame — and later text messaged me to feel better.

I walked away from that meeting with my tail between my legs, but I’m glad I didn’t throw up in the 3rd floor conference room.

Partying like it’s 2004 again

December 2, 2007 at 12:25 am | Posted in Employment, Life, Memories | 1 Comment

We celebrated my buddy Chris’s 26th birthday tonight after work. Many of my coworkers and friends gathered in an apartment filled with loud music, rounds of slurping down shots, and a game of Bullshit. Ahh, and I thought college was dead.

It was fun though, really it was, albeit my elderly lifestyle didn’t want to go at first. Sean was out with the boys and as much as I felt like hitting the gas all the way home when six o’clock rolled round, I instead stopped at a packie to buy Chris a bottle of Bacardi.

So here we sat — new friends and old — around a card table with fuzzy green felt, playing silly drinking games and trying not to talk too loudly about a blonde girl named Tuesday who forgot to bring her brain to the party.

I remember back in the day when we would have thirty, forty, under aged college kids gathering in our common room, dancing on our coffee table, getting so sloshed that we were all thankful we attended a school with a bus line to escort us back to our dorms at 4am.

(I didn’t take this picture. I’m the one in blue and I can only assume we were singing some sort of dorky a cappella tune. Ahh, memories.)

Tonight was like a frat party. A very fun frat party. And my favorite part was when a handful of us gathered together outside at the end of the night to talk about how we felt out of place; we felt too old for this party. We knew that we had grown out of this stupid stage but it felt good to relive it all just for tonight.

When I grow up, I’m totally going to be that old granny who complains about kids these days.

Protected: What work used to be like in 2003:

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Protected: I have COX!

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Protected: You’re lucky I didn’t hit the release button

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Protected: Back to the grind, jiggity jig.

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Protected: Another brick in the wall

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Protected: Hey, wait up!

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