I blame it on Ashley

March 31, 2008 at 1:20 am | Posted in Love for the internet, Puppy | 6 Comments

The time is now 1:08AM and I’m awake and browsing the internet. I blame my insomnia on Ashley.

This is Ashley:

And this is her new baby, Burrito:

I recently met Ashley through Blog365 — blogging every day for a year (I know, we’re crazy) — and it seems that she and I have a lot in common: we’re madly in love, new homeowners, photographers, and the mothers to adorable little puppy faces.

So just as I post pictures of Sam and Jazzy on my blog, Ashley does the same for her Chloe and new baby Burrito. So whenever she posts a new picture or video of this infinitely cute baby, I call Sean into the room to see him.

“LOOK AT LITTLE (insert 1,000 synonyms for cute) BURRITO!!!”


Today on our drive to Best Buy to buy a new flat screen TV(!), Sean and I were talking about how freaking cute Burrito is and how we kind of wish we had a little Burrito ourselves.

I said to him, “Someday when Sammy and Jasmine are all grown up, I think we should get a third puppy. But not now. OKay, maybe now. But not really. But did you see Burrito fit through that doggy door!!”

Sean replies, “If we get a third — and we’re not getting a third, by the way — we should name him Chalupa. Then there would be Burrito and Chalupa.”

So even though we’re not getting a third, I’m looking at rescue puppies on the internet. Because, I love our two so much, and because Ashley’s dog is way to frickin’ cute.

All photos in this post were taken by Ashley Forrette.

PS. We’re seriously not getting a third.


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  1. Oh God he’s so cute! *love*

    I wanted my parents to name Sparky “Nacho”. Because he’s half Mexican, and if someone asked about the dog my dad could say, “That’s Nacho Dog!” sounding like “not your dog” and I thought that would be funny.

    But no, he had to be “Sparky”. 😉

  2. oooh my goodness!!!!!! This is so adorable. I’m madly in love with the fact that there is someone out there talk about how freakin cute Burrito is other than me 🙂

    The funny this is, I was just talking to Chris about your 2 dogs blogging blog saying how CUTTTTTTTEEEEEE it is and how we MUST start a doggy blog for Burrito and Chlo.

    I love that blog so much. I’ve watched all of your videos 🙂

  3. Wow Ashley is pretty cute I’d stay up all nite talking to her too!

  4. CUTE!!

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