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I posted this picture on the day I got my new job. Fast forward to today, nine months later. Today I was notified of a salary increase. I got a raise! Just one more reason for me to love my job!!!

Sean and I are going to go celebrate with some pajamas and American Idol.


Party in my office

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A new eye-dentity

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So. I bought my first set of contacts today. No more stinkin’ glasses for me. It’s an adjustment, not having something on my face, but it’s a welcome adjustment.

I felt so cool when I first put them on and had a hard time an hour later not telling the woman in Target that I was here to buy contact lens solution…. for MY NEW CONTACT LENSES!

When Sean came home I waited for him to say something. He shuffled through the mail, pet the dogs, kissed me. I waited. Finally, an eternity later, I said,

“Look at my new eyes!”.

He said, “You always look like that.”

I answered, “Yes, but, I can actually see you right now.”

Amazing. Hey guess what! I don’t have to wear glasses any more unless I want to.  I’ve totally joined the club.

On decorating

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You would think that as a photographer I would be able to find some pictures suitable to my liking to hang around the house. Maybe the sole reason that my walls are blank is because I can’t chose which ones to hang. These blank walls have so much potential, and yet I can’t settle on just a few photos when I have so many that I love.

Take this one, for instance. This little long-eyelashed beauty is a small Jersey cow named X-mas Candy. She was one of my favorite subjects back in 2006 and she forever flirted with my camera. She’d stick her cute cow tongue towards the lens and flash a big smile, and if that didn’t make you fall in love with her she’d bat her eyelashes.

I spent a lot of time in those cow barns back then, falling in love with the cows over and over again.

But when I think of art that people hang on walls, photos of cows don’t come to mind too quickly. Maybe that’s why my walls are still blank. Those photos that mean something to me would make my house guests think I was the worst interior decorator on the planet.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t Cow go with everything?

My goal for tomorrow: sort through my photos and frame some.

Happy Easter, Mama!

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My mother has been anticipating Easter for weeks now, starting to ask us what our plans to celebrate the holiday were back in late February — would we like to spend Easter with her? At her house? At our house? Could we have ham?

If it wasn’t for her, I don’t think Sean and I would notice that today was Easter. I told my mother that Yes we would love to celebrate with her, and Yes she could come stay the night to wake up to a proper Easter, with baskets for the dogs from the Easter bunny.

I have to admit, I was not looking forward to this weekend.

Easter Shmeester, I said.

When I picked her up last night after work, she said, “I’ve been packing here and there for a few days now.” I could tell she was really looking forward to celebrating with us (she even wrote out a grocery list), and her excitement was contagious; I started to get more and more excited about the weekend.

And for good reason. This weekend with the three of us (+ dogs) has been absolutely phenomenal. We had way too much fun and I ended up taking 733 pictures.

Here are a few of them:

We cooked breakfast, and Easter dinner. We watched movies and went walking at the beach. We laughed all weekend and had a great time just hanging around spending time together. I felt like a kid again having my mom here to spend the holiday, and she seemed to glow with happiness.

I hope your Easter was just as lovely.


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You’ll have to excuse us… we’re getting ready for our first Easter with our new pups (and Mom is sleeping over!!!) and we don’t have much time to blog.

In the meantime, check out this video of this disturbing rabbit we found in Wal*Mart. I probably should’ve bought it, but I just couldn’t bring myself to spend ten dollars on such crap. Happy Easter!!!

Kevin Trump

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That there on the left is my future father-in-law Kevin. On the right is Donald Trump. Here’s the story behind that silly sign:

While watching Celebrity Apprentice a while back, I noticed that Kevin is the spitting image of The Donald. He talks like him, has the brain and the business sense, and — aside from Trump’s bad hair — they look exactly alike.

Now this resemblance probably only shows itself if you know Kevin well, but I swear to this day I can’t watch Donald Trump on TV without stating, “Holy cow! He looks just like him!” over and over again to Sean.

I told Kevin of the resemblance during a phone conversation and I believe his reaction was “Duh!” as if everyone had noticed the similarities before and I was the last one to get the joke.

So Kevin went away on a business trip back in January. He works for the same company as Sean and did a two-week training in Minnesota (if you remember, Sean spent five weeks there back in October) and so it was our pleasure to pick him up from the airport.

I thought it would be funny to make a “The Donald” sign to bring with us to flag him down. I spent a whole day making this sign and when we got to the airport Sean and I decided that maybe it would be embarrassing for Kevin to see this sign waiting for him at the airport. We thought he might take it the wrong way or become offended, so I left the sign in the car when we picked him up.

I gave him the sign once we were in the car and he laughed a bit and took the sign with him with his luggage once we arrived at his house.

But the best thing about this sign and the whole fact that my father-in-law is Donald Trump, is that I went over to Kevin’s house tonight and that sign was still proudly displayed IN THEIR KITCHEN.

His wife Michelle says that he won’t throw it away.

And as much as I can’t say that I particularly like Donald Trump, I will say that I absolutely love my future father-in-law.

On cleaning

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We have a big house — or at least it is much bigger than the small condo we were used to previously — and we are constantly trying to clean it.  We must vacuum twice a week, clean the kitchen every three seconds, and still the mess grows.

Do you ever feel like your whole life is cleaning?


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Upon waking

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I am not awake yet and perhaps I should know better than to post while I am still asleep, but I like taking those few minutes between wake and slumber and recording them to read after I’ve had my morning caffeine.

It’s raining outside yet again.  At this point I am wishing for summer and warmth, ten hours ago we had snowfall and March is more than halfway through.

I woke up thinking that perhaps I shouldn’t be wearing my new high heels to work today, and debated whether or not to wear rain boots with my corporate attire.  If I decide yes, I will have to clean off the mud from yesterday’s dog park excursion.  And then I think to the overbearing woman at the park who asked me if my rain boots were “barn boots” as if she wanted to ask “Did you just roll out of bed?”.  Maybe they won’t go well with a business suit.

On Wednesdays, I wake up and count how many days are left in my work week.  Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.  Four.  I always feel overwhelmed and want nothing more than to spend the day at home with Sean instead.  The funny thing is that I love my job, absolutely love my job… I just love being at home with Sean more; but he is at work, too, and so I shower and dress and get through one more day.  This is life.

I know that I am in love when there is nothing I’d rather do than to be with him.  I can’t think of a single thing that I need or want that I don’t already have, and complete fulfillment is this incredible feeling, like finishing a crossword puzzle or coming in first to a race you thought you’d lose.

I’d better go shower.

Top o’ the mornin’ after

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Well, another St. Paddy’s for the virtual books. Sean and I cooked breakfast for dinner and while his scrambled eggs turned out to be a “restaurant quality masterpiece”, I managed to burn half of the blueberry pancakes.

I hadn’t had a serious drink since last year’s St. Pat’s day, and so I planned on being hammered to celebrate such an occasion. I didn’t make it past the neck of my beer before Sean yawned and said that he’d better get upstairs to catch his eight hours of sleep before work.

Jasmine celebrated Saint Patrick’s day by peeing on the carpet for the first time.

Erin go bragh, my ass.

I was in bed, sober, by ten thirty PM.

So this morning, on my day off, I put Sam in his crate and dropped Jasmine off at the hairdressers for her morning of pampering and milk bath. She won’t be ready for two and a half hours and I came home to spend some quality one-on-one time with Sam while we wait.

But Sam had other plans.  As much as he can’t stand when his sister steals his bone, you should see how depressed he is that she isn’t here.

Sam has been crying and whining for the last half hour, running back and forth throughout the house looking for his sister. Poor queen pony.

I am thankful that today is my day off, and I am very much not looking forward to the rest of the workweek. I told Sean that I was going to stay home and drink all day today to make up for my uncelebrating last night, and he laughed.

I guess he knows as well as I do that I’m pretty lame and have left the party scene three blocks back on my road to early “middle age”, which — might I add — Sean still describes as age thirty and up. I don’t know about you but I plan on living until I am one hundred and twenty, making my “middle aged” age peak after sixty.

Party like you’re Irish

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Happy Saint Patrick’s day!


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Today was spent making over our house, our hair, and our dogs.

I painted half of our room Irish green this morning because I am impatient and could no longer stand the project hanging over my head. Our new bedroom set will be delivered here in a few weeks and so I began the ever exciting task of painting. See bedroom set:

Sean trimmed his beard and I cut his hair today, too. The poor man has been looking a little spikey lately and I haven’t had much time to double as his hairdresser. So we decided today before we left the house, the hair needed to be cut.

And MY, he is so handsome.

I also got around to calling the groomers, and Sammy Oscar was quickly scheduled for his first out-of-home grooming experience. He wasn’t dirty when we dropped him off and the groomer sort of gave me a weird look because he was already clean — we bathe them once a week — but I really wanted him to get his toenails cut and his poop glands squeezed and I couldn’t bring myself to do either task. Besides, Sammy is a little queen and he likes to be spoiled. So we dropped him off at the spa while we went grocery shopping. Our dirty dog is on the left, the clean scented one is on the right:

When we picked him up, our car smelled like a pumpkin spice Yankee Candle. Our house is starting to smell like a pumpkin spice Yankee Candle. Who knew that spending way too much money on a “wash and brush” would double as an air freshener!

Jasmine has her “wash, brush, AND cut” scheduled for Tuesday morning. I can’t wait to see how she looks when she is done because we plan on cutting her hair quite short. Sean has requested that she come home smelling like peach Yankee Candle. I’ll see what I can do.

I also bought a little towel rack for the bathroom today. Sean just walked by the bathroom door and shouted, “Hey! Nice rack!” and I blushed a little and giggled. Ooh la la, he likes my rack. Now, Sean is proper, so I’ll pretend that I didn’t set up that new shelfing unit in the bathroom and assume he is talking about my boobs.


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…he listens when I stomp, “I’ve got nothing to wear!!” I think my favorite part of this present is that he volunteered to go shopping for new clothes with me. Any woman knows that this is not an easy feat for those of the opposite gender. That boy must love me.

She’s a Daddy’s girl

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