Dollar store treasures

April 1, 2008 at 9:05 pm | Posted in Society | 2 Comments

I love going to the dollar store to find new books to read. Once in a while, I’ll find brilliance in between those crossword puzzle books and stacks of Bibles.

I always feel kind of sad for the authors of those books who spent months and years pouring their hearts out onto these pages, only to have their art end up being sold for a buck and six with tax.

I bought six books today –two of them are memoirs (which we all know I love) — including this one by David Halberstam as well as Mike Wallace’s memoir.

I hate the idea that simply because these books were published three years ago, they are no longer readable. Haven’t we learned by now that new isn’t always good?


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  1. Halberstam was one of my favorites. I was genuinely sad when he was killed last year.

  2. If you can, buy a socond copy of them and donate them to the local library, where they can live forever. Or until the library decides to sell them for 25 cents.

    I’m upset that our library went all modern and digital and got rid of the old card-in-a-pouch thing for books. Now I can’t tell how often the remaindered copy of “Genius” (the biography of Richard Feynman by James Gleick) that I donated to my library years ago has been taken out. But judging by the anount of wear on the pages and the spine, there’s a chance it’s close to zero. Oh, well. Someday somebody’s gonna need it for a report.

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