March 28, 2008 at 9:23 am | Posted in Employment | 4 Comments

At work, I talk on the phone all day.   Some days I love it, talking to people from all over the country, learning about their lives a thousand miles away from mine.  Is it snowing where you are?  Other days when the calls come in,  I have to force myself to put on a friendly tone, to force myself to care about some stranger’s cell phone.

I’m a therapist, really, helping faceless customers.

I had an elderly man talk to me for an hour yesterday about his life in the war and after the war, his grandchildren, retirement.  During calls like these, I am thankful for the opportunity to connect with these strangers.

I bet that man would sit wonderfully in a photograph, tattooed with wrinkles which illustrate his life.


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  1. Hi Lauren! I just stumbled into your blog (it’s okay though, I wiped my feet), and read the entry for today. I run a telephone answering service, and completely identify with your description of being a “therapist” when I speak to people on the phone.

    It’s easy to get burnt out listening to everyone else’s troubles (in my job, mostly medical and often in the “eewww” category), so perhaps I just needed the reminder that I often truly help people just by being willing to listen for a few minutes.

    Thank you for that, I needed it today. Oh, and I think your site is great! Keep it up!

  2. I’m just going to have to call customer service until I get ahold of you. I could use a good therapist.

  3. Laur, You never know what a kindness can bring to someone.. You may have helped that man get through a really hard day.. Hugs and Im proud of the woman you have become.. xoxo.A.Sanny

  4. I think you’re right, Lauren. He sounds like he’d make a beautiful photograph.

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