A new eye-dentity

March 25, 2008 at 7:23 pm | Posted in News | 5 Comments

So. I bought my first set of contacts today. No more stinkin’ glasses for me. It’s an adjustment, not having something on my face, but it’s a welcome adjustment.

I felt so cool when I first put them on and had a hard time an hour later not telling the woman in Target that I was here to buy contact lens solution…. for MY NEW CONTACT LENSES!

When Sean came home I waited for him to say something. He shuffled through the mail, pet the dogs, kissed me. I waited. Finally, an eternity later, I said,

“Look at my new eyes!”.

He said, “You always look like that.”

I answered, “Yes, but, I can actually see you right now.”

Amazing. Hey guess what! I don’t have to wear glasses any more unless I want to.  I’ve totally joined the club.


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  1. Yea for contact lenses!!! Hurrah for you! I’ve been wearing them myself for… well, way longer than you’ve been around! It’s a whole new world with them. So glad you took the plunge!

  2. My other half wears them. I am lucky – I have above 20/20, but am colorblind as hell. Go figure.

  3. YOU GO GIRL!!

  4. LJ! I’m glad contacts work for you! I used to have the Fresh Looks color contacts, and then switched to Acuvue Oasis, and about a month or two after getting the new contacts, every time I put them in my eyes would itch like a mother, and the skin around them would get red, puffy, scaly, and also itch like a mother. Apparently they were causing a pretty nasty infection. So, no more contacts for me. I used to love them – I hope you love them too! 🙂

  5. You look beautiful!

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