Kevin Trump

March 21, 2008 at 12:58 am | Posted in family, silly pants | 4 Comments

That there on the left is my future father-in-law Kevin. On the right is Donald Trump. Here’s the story behind that silly sign:

While watching Celebrity Apprentice a while back, I noticed that Kevin is the spitting image of The Donald. He talks like him, has the brain and the business sense, and — aside from Trump’s bad hair — they look exactly alike.

Now this resemblance probably only shows itself if you know Kevin well, but I swear to this day I can’t watch Donald Trump on TV without stating, “Holy cow! He looks just like him!” over and over again to Sean.

I told Kevin of the resemblance during a phone conversation and I believe his reaction was “Duh!” as if everyone had noticed the similarities before and I was the last one to get the joke.

So Kevin went away on a business trip back in January. He works for the same company as Sean and did a two-week training in Minnesota (if you remember, Sean spent five weeks there back in October) and so it was our pleasure to pick him up from the airport.

I thought it would be funny to make a “The Donald” sign to bring with us to flag him down. I spent a whole day making this sign and when we got to the airport Sean and I decided that maybe it would be embarrassing for Kevin to see this sign waiting for him at the airport. We thought he might take it the wrong way or become offended, so I left the sign in the car when we picked him up.

I gave him the sign once we were in the car and he laughed a bit and took the sign with him with his luggage once we arrived at his house.

But the best thing about this sign and the whole fact that my father-in-law is Donald Trump, is that I went over to Kevin’s house tonight and that sign was still proudly displayed IN THEIR KITCHEN.

His wife Michelle says that he won’t throw it away.

And as much as I can’t say that I particularly like Donald Trump, I will say that I absolutely love my future father-in-law.


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  1. LOL! That is so sweet! It is always such a rush to see in-laws appreciating the things we do for them. I am one of the lucky ones who has such a generous and open-minded mother-in-law. She always gives me clothes that she sews, jewelry that she makes herself…but best of all, she takes my side over her son. Haha! She has always made me feel welcome and she has embraced me as part of the family from day 1. So happy you are also very lucky to have such great soon-to-be in-laws. πŸ™‚

  2. I read somewhere long ago that it’s good to take a look at your father in law because that’s what your future husband will be like later in his life. Sounds like…you’re in good shape in the future. πŸ™‚

  3. Awesome.
    Sure seems like the apple did not fall far from the tree. You got yourself some great guys in your family πŸ™‚

  4. We were totally HOOKED on Celebrity Apprentice!

    I never watched any of the previous shows but I enjoyed this season (though I would have preferred a different winner) and I thought The Donald actually was a pretty funny guy.

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