On cleaning

March 20, 2008 at 9:25 am | Posted in Home | 7 Comments

We have a big house — or at least it is much bigger than the small condo we were used to previously — and we are constantly trying to clean it.  We must vacuum twice a week, clean the kitchen every three seconds, and still the mess grows.

Do you ever feel like your whole life is cleaning?


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  1. YES! Especially now that we have 2 dogs. The kitchen is the worst.

  2. Nope – we share 64m², pets are not allowed…
    That´s a beautiful dining room! Very well worth cleaning 😉

  3. 3 kids, that is all I do….CLEAN.
    It never gets any easier 😉

    Love the RED!

  4. The more I clean, the more I want to clean more. This happens because I want to keep what I’ve just cleaned up from getting so dirty that it needs to be cleaned again. It can become an obsession if you let it. Especially with hardwood floors, four cats, cardboard scratching posts, and the fairly regular hairball.

    There’s a happy medium somewhere. You’ll find it. 🙂


  5. One word: ROOMBA
    These things rule. Get the scheduling one and it’ll take over your vacuuming chores (carpet, floor, whatever). You just have to empty the bin and clean off the brushes once in a while. They’re not cheap, but definitely worth it.

  6. Three children. My life IS cleaning.

  7. I have three kids as well and one, though a baby, still manages to cause piles of laundry every day even if he can’t mess up the rest of the house.

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