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Today was spent making over our house, our hair, and our dogs.

I painted half of our room Irish green this morning because I am impatient and could no longer stand the project hanging over my head. Our new bedroom set will be delivered here in a few weeks and so I began the ever exciting task of painting. See bedroom set:

Sean trimmed his beard and I cut his hair today, too. The poor man has been looking a little spikey lately and I haven’t had much time to double as his hairdresser. So we decided today before we left the house, the hair needed to be cut.

And MY, he is so handsome.

I also got around to calling the groomers, and Sammy Oscar was quickly scheduled for his first out-of-home grooming experience. He wasn’t dirty when we dropped him off and the groomer sort of gave me a weird look because he was already clean — we bathe them once a week — but I really wanted him to get his toenails cut and his poop glands squeezed and I couldn’t bring myself to do either task. Besides, Sammy is a little queen and he likes to be spoiled. So we dropped him off at the spa while we went grocery shopping. Our dirty dog is on the left, the clean scented one is on the right:

When we picked him up, our car smelled like a pumpkin spice Yankee Candle. Our house is starting to smell like a pumpkin spice Yankee Candle. Who knew that spending way too much money on a “wash and brush” would double as an air freshener!

Jasmine has her “wash, brush, AND cut” scheduled for Tuesday morning. I can’t wait to see how she looks when she is done because we plan on cutting her hair quite short. Sean has requested that she come home smelling like peach Yankee Candle. I’ll see what I can do.

I also bought a little towel rack for the bathroom today. Sean just walked by the bathroom door and shouted, “Hey! Nice rack!” and I blushed a little and giggled. Ooh la la, he likes my rack. Now, Sean is proper, so I’ll pretend that I didn’t set up that new shelfing unit in the bathroom and assume he is talking about my boobs.


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  1. Awesome, Color, Bedroom set, hubby to be and doggies.. It sounds like you have been very busy xoxo.. A.Sanny

  2. I’m sorry, did you pay someone to squeeze your dog’s “poop glands”?!? Please elaborate. In all the years that we’ve had Roxie, there has never been any mention of squeezing anything and if she’s made it this far, I’m pretty sure we’re not going to start.

  3. You know what’s funny….

    Sammy and Jasmine are starting to look a like…
    Look at that picture…. Have you noticed that??

    Same look on their faces lol!

  4. hey! I have that watering can AND those pj’s!!


  5. Expressing anal glands is a yicchy job. For some reason I thought it only needed to be done on female dogs.

    It is possible to wash your dog too often, and strip away thr protective layer of oil that keeps the skin soft and supple and (I think) tends to smother any insectoid critters that come a-knockin’. I’m not sure what the recommended minimum time between baths is.

  6. Ha! I love Sean’s puns. 🙂

    I agree with Harold; bathing Sammy once a week is a lot, and not good for his coat (but he always LOOKS good, that’s for sure). Maybe you could stretch it out a bit? You probably have to bathe fairly often though, since he runs in mud and water a lot…

    Moose goes to the groomers for a bath about every two to three months, and only that often because he drools on his fur so much. I wish they could make him smell like pumpkin spice. He comes back smelling good, but pumpkin spice is my favorite. Sometimes I get a pumpkin spice latte just for the heavenly aroma.

    I love the color of the bedroom and your new bedroom set. The pics of your house show a very lovely home. 🙂

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