March 15, 2008 at 7:28 am | Posted in Love, Sean | 4 Comments

…he listens when I stomp, “I’ve got nothing to wear!!” I think my favorite part of this present is that he volunteered to go shopping for new clothes with me. Any woman knows that this is not an easy feat for those of the opposite gender. That boy must love me.


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  1. Are y’all doing anything special for St. Patrick’s Day?

  2. I surly think he does love you.. xoxox Happy St Paddy’s Day to you 2 irish people and your doggies. Maggie Rose and the cats were greened.The cats were too embarassed to be in the pict but I did send you one of Maggie and the crazy irish lady.. lolllllll

  3. I’m certain that Sean is fully aware of your shopping quirks, er I mean habits, by now but I could tell him some of our shared shopping experiences during your UConn years. (The many warehouse club safaris (times when my car would be packed to the roof with “mac and cheese” and those various cans of pasta and whatever else the palate desired that week). Another incident, which you might recall, involved the trip to the local Wally*Mart for the purpose of aquiring suitable winter footware and mittens. I can still picture you, sitting on the floor, surrounded by a mountain of rejected shoes and half-filled boxes. Correct me if I am wrong, but if my memory is correct, the only object purchased was a small gift for a party event, or something similar. Sean has to be a Saint!

  4. Poor Sean, he thinks that $200 will fix the problem. $200 of clothes will last 3 months. Then, it’s a new season and you’ll have nothing to wear again! Closets are a black hole and women are on an endless quest to fill them.
    Happy Anniversary!

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