My last post didn’t post

March 9, 2008 at 7:04 pm | Posted in Puppy | 2 Comments

I just wrote a whole long post (which was somehow lost by the internet) about how Jasmine ate something that didn’t agree with her and has been shitting water all day long. I’ve bathed her more than I have ever wanted to bathe a dog in my life. She’s fine now. We had fun at Black Rock State Park today. I told you all about it in my lost post, but you can pretty much sum up the day by looking at these photos: Aside from the pooping, we had fun.


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  1. Black rock ummm.. rocks! I used to go there growing up. We’ll have to meet up there with the kids.

  2. Sorry about Jasmine’s hershey squirts. I keep pepto bismol capsules on hand for Moose, just in case (vet recommended it once).

    Both Jasmine and Sam were catchin’ some serious air coming down that hill!

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