It must be “screw-customer-service” weekend

February 24, 2008 at 6:57 pm | Posted in Agitated, Life | 4 Comments

I dropped off my digital prints at Walgreens at 11AM. Pick up time was 11:30. We didn’t get home from New Haven until 3PM and figured our pictures were long overdue to be retrieved.

The little acne-faced teenager behind the counter apologized and told me that my photos weren’t ready, but they would be printed in about 10-15 minutes. Sure, no problem. So Sean and I walked around the store for a half hour before asking again if our photos were ready.

Still no.

When I asked him again how long he thought it might take, the little brat gave us an attitude and told me that the machine hasn’t even warmed up yet. So because there is only so much of the interior of a Walgreens that we could stomach, we drove home.

The kid called my cellphone an hour later to notify me that my pictures were almost done. I thanked him and drove down to get them after taking the dogs for a long walk.

Before I even walked up to the counter, the kid had my photos in hand and was already scanning them. I thought, “Wow, what a nice kid. He remembered who I was and is actually going to ring out my photos at his counter so I don’t have to wait in line!” I thanked him kindly for my photos and when he apologized about the machine not working I told him that it was not a problem at all, thanks again.

So then get this. The little snot said to me, “Since the machine broke I gave you two dollars off of your purchase… ya happy now?”

Am I happy now? What a shithead.

Instead of verbally expressing my thoughts, I thanked him for the two dollars.  Geez, I didn’t think I was that hard to please.

Next time I’m going to pick up my photos somewhere else.

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