I love snow jobs

February 22, 2008 at 11:00 pm | Posted in Employment, Memories | Comments Off on I love snow jobs

Oh how the times have changed! When I worked as a landscaper I was expected to be at work during snowstorms; it was my job to be there to plow and to sand. I thought nothing of driving through treacherous blizzards in my tiny VW Jetta only to get behind the wheel of a large plow truck to drive some more.

Even as a mailman I drove in the snow, without four-wheel drive, sitting on the passenger side of an LLV. It was my job to be there — in rain, sleet, snow, and the like. And I manned up to the challenge.

But today I sat at work pissed off that my company would make us drive through this storm to sit at our desks all day long to listen to those cranky butts who had nothing to do but call in to bitch about their cellphones…because they were home due to snow.

It took me almost two hours to drive home from work tonight. Partially because I was the middle car in a long train of slowpokes, partially because I decided to stop at Walgreens for new hairbrushes. Throughout that drive I contemplated how much I used to love working during snowstorms, being the only ones up and on the road at 2AM, drinking so much coffee your heart explodes.

Maybe it’s not the working through the storm I dislike, maybe it’s the fact that I no longer can feel the snow as it falls.

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