Hello again, college.

February 19, 2008 at 5:12 pm | Posted in education | 2 Comments

I started my 16-week online class this afternoon with a conference call and hour-long orientation. I wore pajamas. Even though my company pays for me to attend this course — an A+ certification class geared around tech support — I have to keep asking myself what drove me to take on such a feat. I don’t really like IT that much and I don’t much care how to replace a motherboard or a BIOS on a computer. I like to learn, though, and I’m sure I’ll like the process once I get my feet wet.

And when I am done I can say that I am both certified to drive a mail truck (see 2006) and to fix a computer. How overly unexciting. But at least I get to wear pajamas to class.

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