You’d better lock that up

February 11, 2008 at 7:48 pm | Posted in silly pants | 4 Comments

I took the day off from work to help Jazzy and Sam adjust, and my mother spent the day with us doing our boring daily routine: cleaning the house, going to the dog park, unpacking. She helped me make an awesome pot roast for dinner and we finally moved our bed into the master bedroom (Sean and I have been sleeping in the spare) so we’d have more room.

There is cable installed in the master bedroom so it will be nice for Sean and I to drift off to sleep to the sound of late night television rather to the humming of Sammy snoring.

Since we’ve got a new TV hooked up, I figured we’d want a remote control for it to so I stopped off at CVS to pick up a universal. The thing cost $9.99, a cheap idiot-proof universal remote. I went to grab it from the hook and realized that it was locked with one of those electronic lock things that you’d find on a seven hundred dollar digital camera.

Are you serious? Who would want to steal this stupid plastic remote?

So I walked up to the register and asked the man to unlock it for me. He walked down the aisle, I pointed to that plastic ten-dollar universal remote, and he unlocked it for me… but only after he turned to me and very seriously said, “I’m going to have to walk this up to the front register for you.”

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