It wasn’t luck or superstition that won the game, it was a damn good football team.

February 4, 2008 at 9:58 pm | Posted in family, Memories, Sean | 2 Comments

I love watching Sean in his element. When his favorite team is at bat –or what have you — his concentration is unbreakable. Last night I saw where he inherited his love of sports from; his dad came over to watch the game with us.

As a young girl I remember watching my father’s reaction to ball games and loving how enthusiastic he became during his sports. Baseball, yes, my father loved the Red Sox, but watching him watch basketball was my favorite.

He’d sit at the edge of the couch with his holey black work socks planted firmly on the carpet, his hands clapping to the beat of every three-pointer, his tongue hanging out of the right corner of his mouth. My father would shout, “Go UConn! Get’um! Get’um!” and I’d giggle at his muffled cheers which were muffled because his tongue still hung from that right corner.

I remember witnessing a UConn game with my grandmother as I grew older, finally realizing where my father inherited his game-watching behavior. It was not my grandfather who shouted at the television, but instead –with tongue out and hands a’clappin’ — my grandmother cheered firmly from the edge of the couch.

Before we fell asleep last night I asked Sean how he became a Giants fan. His answer: “My Dad is a Giants fan.” And I guess this theory is true, or at least it is true in our two cases: we love who our parents love.

My heart felt warm as I sat by the fireplace last night watching Sean and his dad yell out at the TV. They echoed through the room at the same time, at the same plays, in the same manner. And although I dreaded the Superbowl all week, spending it with two generations of sports fans was comforting.

Ironically enough, during that four-hour football game, I felt glad for football.

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