Go Giants!

February 3, 2008 at 5:54 pm | Posted in Puppy | 7 Comments

Sean didn’t mind sharing his only Giants shirt with Sammy, and Sammy has decided that he LOVES wearing clothes.  Sean says that this love that Sammy is exhibiting is not for the tee-shirt itself, but for the sole fact that the shirt proudly supports Sam’s favorite football team.


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  1. AWWWW OMG how cute!!Ya capture his spirit Laur..Uncle Tom is making a Maggie Blog because he loves the Sammy blog.. xoxox GO GIANTS.. !!

  2. CUTE!
    What an AWESOME game!!! How exciting!!!!! But you all are doing a happy dance!!!

  3. Bet, not but…LOL.

  4. Sammy’s so cute. I’m sure Sean is thrilled about the big win.

  5. They actually make NFL jerseys for dogs

    My dogs were Green Bay Packer pups (husband is from WI) for Halloween and then they started wearing them on game day.

  6. have i mentioned i love your dog??

  7. I LOVE your blog site, but I didn’t realize Jasmine was being sent to a Giants household, good thing I didn’t read this BEFORE you came to pick her up 🙂 – Just so you know, Jazz routed hard for the PATS and cried with her foster family when they did not finish off their almost undefeated season with a superbowl win!

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