Sean works too hard

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If I could take away his stress, I would.

Dog vs. cat

January 29, 2008 at 6:15 pm | Posted in News, Puppy, sisters | 6 Comments

I went in for an abdominal CAT Scan this afternoon, dragging my feet behind me. My sister knew how nervous I have been over the last few weeks for this silly procedure so she accompanied me to the hospital. I wasn’t told any results and I’m glad it is over. Wipes brow.

All day I told my sister about how Sammy has turned me into a dog person. Seriously. Look at my blog. Look at his blog. It’s obvious that I love this dog, and it is pretty hard for everyone he meets not to fall in love with him. He is the kind of dog that makes you feel enriched at the sight of his cute little puppy eyes.

I wont go willingly. I’ve got 24 years of being a cat person under my belt and I would still take a cat’s side in a court of law. But now I’ve even become addicted to seeing Sam interact with OTHER dogs, too. I think I love going to the dog park more than he does. It’s almost as if I like dogs! Weird.

I brought my camera with me to my two(!) visits to the dog park today, and I discovered that I love to photograph dogs.

So I started a Dog Park blog.

I used to love children’s photography, but I never felt comfortable sharing my photos with anyone because a lot of parents are protective of who should view their child’s picture. I have a feeling that even though I didn’t ask these dogs’ parents if I could post their pictures online, no one will mind. In fact, some of the owners asked if I could make copies of the shots and bring them back to the dog park.

So go visit the new site and tell me what type of person you are in comments: Dog or Cat.

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