Back to schoooooool!

January 24, 2008 at 9:32 pm | Posted in Employment, Happy, You with me? | 4 Comments

Suddenly I found myself sitting in the cafeteria being coerced into registering for college.  Peer pressure, I guess, my coworker decided to enroll in two IT 16-week long online courses and within two minutes I had the college registrars on the phone.

My company pays for me to go to college, and I’ve always been a little computer geeky, so this will be a good opportunity to get some tech support recognition under my belt.  And for free!

Online college is no UConn — there will be no concerts or writing seminars, streaking through the halls at 3AM, underage drinking, or dining halls — but I am excited nonetheless.

Learning?  For free?  What is this phenomenon you speak of?

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