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January 21, 2008 at 10:05 pm | Posted in family, sisters, Society | 8 Comments

I wanted to share a letter that my sister Carrie wrote to the governor in support of gay marriage. My eyes teared a bit when I read it, because I want marriage and more for Carrie and Laura.

Dear Governor Rell,

I am writing to you in favor of making gay marriage legal
in the state of Connecticut. I am engaged to my girlfriend Laura.
We are anxiously awaiting the state’s decision. I’ve lived in
Connecticut my entire life, but she and I are seriously considering
moving to Massachusetts if this resolution does not pass. What Laura and I want is not a “civil union.” We want what we feel we are entitled to: marriage. We know marriage is hard work, and we want the credit. Semantics are important. People look at her ring and ask,
“Can you even get married?” It isn’t fair that we should have
something separate from our friends, family, and parents.
I was registered to vote when I was 17 years old, and I
vote in every election. I’m 27 now and after ten years of watching,
and pulling that lever, I can feel that the times are changing.
People in Connecticut want to support each other. I urge you to
consider me and my family when you consider this issue.

Let’s hope that the people of our state can find it in their hearts to realize that Love Makes a Family.


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  1. My fingers are crossed for this one. I can’t vote there, but do hope the rest of your state makes the choice. šŸ™‚

  2. That’s a great letter. I also support gay marriages. Here in the Philippines, gay marriage is illegal. It is nice to think that although some states do not allow that in your country, they have the option to move to another state and legally marry. In our country, most of the gay community cannot afford to go overseas to get married. If ever they do, they are still not considered married under the Philippine law. I hope this is something that not only the state of Connecticut will consider, but something that the entire world can consider.

  3. I like what Joi said. I hope this becomes a reality in not only Connecticut, but the nation and the whole world. It’s disgusting that people like Laura and Carrie can’t get married, but people who have no respect for marriage can do it whenever they want, as long as one is a man and one a woman. Yuck.

  4. Fingers crossed. They are allowed here. Hell – we even have gay clergy in the UK…

  5. Fantastic letter. I hope they get their dream…it should be a possible one. Finding love and a partner is awesome when it happens—we all ought to be able to celebrate it as we want, the same choices available.

  6. I agree! I agree! I agree! My 15 year old son is currently struggling to identify his own sexuality. He approached me about six months ago in fear of rejection to speak to me about his confusion etc. He asked me if I was ok with him having a boyfriend. I said, “Yes.” He then said, “What if I have a girlfriend?” I said, “That’s fine too. I just want you to be you!”

    I truly believe his confusion is fear based because this world is full of idiots who have issue’s.

    I think love is colorblind, sexless, etc. etc. etc. I also think my son is super brave to have come to me at the age of 14. I support him entirely.

  7. Let’s hope our neighbors down in CT are as progressive as we were up here in MA!

    If that letter doesn’t work, I don’t know what will.

  8. Carrie great letter!! I really liked what Juliepippert said we should all have the right to celebrate love the way we see fit. I look at a person’s heart not their sexuality.. You both are wonderful woman that I love very much. I wish you all the best with having a wedding in Ct.. xoxox

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