A most important letter

January 21, 2008 at 10:05 pm | Posted in family, sisters, Society | 8 Comments

I wanted to share a letter that my sister Carrie wrote to the governor in support of gay marriage. My eyes teared a bit when I read it, because I want marriage and more for Carrie and Laura.

Dear Governor Rell,

I am writing to you in favor of making gay marriage legal
in the state of Connecticut. I am engaged to my girlfriend Laura.
We are anxiously awaiting the state’s decision. I’ve lived in
Connecticut my entire life, but she and I are seriously considering
moving to Massachusetts if this resolution does not pass. What Laura and I want is not a “civil union.” We want what we feel we are entitled to: marriage. We know marriage is hard work, and we want the credit. Semantics are important. People look at her ring and ask,
“Can you even get married?” It isn’t fair that we should have
something separate from our friends, family, and parents.
I was registered to vote when I was 17 years old, and I
vote in every election. I’m 27 now and after ten years of watching,
and pulling that lever, I can feel that the times are changing.
People in Connecticut want to support each other. I urge you to
consider me and my family when you consider this issue.

Let’s hope that the people of our state can find it in their hearts to realize that Love Makes a Family.

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