Crocodile Rock

January 20, 2008 at 7:02 pm | Posted in Puppy, silly pants, Video | 5 Comments

Today has been chock full of fun things to do. Carrie and Laura came over in the morning, we celebrated Gavin’s 5th birthday party in the afternoon, and my friends Greg and Sarah are on their way over for some Sunday night football.

Until I can come up with a few hours to sort through pictures and videos, here is a video I took of Sam and I this morning as we attempted to dance to some Elton John. Sammy didn’t seem as thrilled as I was to be dancing.


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  1. Ahh I dont know I think Sammy has a promise in dance with some of the moves he was making.. with a little more practice he may on Doggie Idol lolllll. It looks like you were having fun. Love, A.Sanny

  2. I love the way Dogs don’t cooperate when you want them to, but then go absolutely bonkers when you least expect it.

    We always used to get ours to go mad by copying their behaviour when playing – stand with your feet apart, and suddenly crouch further down – like you’re going to lunge.

  3. He looks like he’s saying, “I don’t want to dance. Don’t you know I have four left feet?”

  4. Is that Sean or Sammy you’re dancing with?

  5. I don’t know… Sammy may not have been thrilled, but he had that twist and roll over move down. 😉

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