Recounting the scene of the parachute undies

January 19, 2008 at 9:56 pm | Posted in Love, silly pants | 4 Comments

There I stand at the bottom of the stairs wearing nothing but a long hooded sweatshirt.

Sean has run upstairs to fetch my pajamas as I emerge from the tub.

Sammy Oscar joins me at the bottom of the stairs.

Sean arrives a few seconds later and throws a pair of pink panties down the stairs at me, followed by a pair of pajama pants. I catch them both, think nothing of it, and drape the pants over Sammy so that he can hold them while I dress –yes, I use my dog as a coat rack.

Sean stops me with a “WAAAIT! DON’T PUT THOSE ON YET!” and points to my underwear.

Hmph, I think, I must look pretty hot in my raggity John Deere sweatshirt for him to have that kind of reaction.

But then the always-proper Sean that we know and love appears and says, “Did you see the way your underwear soared down the stairs? It was almost balloon-like! Can I try that again?! That looked like a parachute!”

So I laugh and throw the underwear up to him so that he can toss them back down at me a few times.

I’m surprised he didn’t try to tie little army men to my pink panties.

Boys will be boys.

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