Goings on

January 16, 2008 at 9:32 pm | Posted in Life | 6 Comments
  1. Sam’s poop tested positive for whip worm.  We’ve already given him treatment, but now he can’t go to daycare for a month.
  2. Sean just made us ham and cheese sandwiches for dinner.  This is my second ham and cheese of the day.
  3. I have an endoscopy tomorrow morning at dawn.  The hospital is an hour away from out house.  We have to leave at 5:30AM.  I’m not allowed to drive at all tomorrow.  I’d rather be at work.
  4. Tonight was Sean’s first visit to the dog park Sammy and I attend.  We ran in the snow for five minutes until Sean and Sam decided that they were roughly out of shape.
  5. Friday is music theme day at work.  We have to make a music video.   I made paper chain necklaces out of construction paper today in preparation.
  6. I’d rather be sitting in the living room with my Love.

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