Two new gems

January 15, 2008 at 7:33 pm | Posted in fish | 8 Comments

I finally used my fish credit at Aquatic Wildlife today and reactivated our old goldfish tank with some ugly fish. These are parrots. They remind me of that game where you stuff as many marshmallows as physically possible (without choking or throwing up) into your mouth, and then say “CHUBBY BUNNY!”. These fish are in a constant state of chubby bunny.

At the pet store, I told the fish guy that I had an empty 29-gallon tank and I wanted ugly personable fish. He hit it right on the nose when he suggested these guys.

So blogworld, would you like to help with the naming process?


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  1. Orange one-Chubby
    White one-Bunny
    LOL how original huh?

    Cute fish!

  2. I agree, it sounds like you’ve already taken care of it! Cute guys.

  3. oh, Yvonne’s got great names. I was thinking Jet for the white one (as in Jet Puffed Marshmallows)

  4. Hmmm… you didn’t say if they were boy fish or girl fish.

    Boy names…
    Fred, George, Alfred

    Girl names…
    Mary, Mazy, Maud

  5. those are cool fish! Just be aware that they are aggressive and will eat anything else you try to keep with them except other aggressive fish. Glad you finally have Internet. Sunday to walk the puppies sounds good. 🙂

  6. Larry, Moe & Curly!

  7. I was thinking Merle for the white one and Vivian for the orange.. xoxo

  8. I always wanted a fish named “Gil”. I also want a white cat named “Cocaine” because I once met a white cat named that and thought it was memorable. I met that cat 15 years ago. But Chloe will not have it…a cat that is.

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