Him and Hers

January 13, 2008 at 8:48 pm | Posted in family, Home, Puppy, Society | 8 Comments

Sean has been counting the seconds to today’s Giants football game since last Sunday. Today we had plenty to do and Sean kept saying, “As long as we’re home by 4 o’clock for the game….”Throughout the day we ran errands and saw our wonderful families and while Sean dreamt of football, I kept thinking, “I hope I can go shopping today…” because I had a gift card (!) and I have been craving some retail therapy all week long.

We made it home in almost enough time to watch the kick off and as soon as those sportscasters started narrating and screaming into their microphones, I was out the door and at Pier One.

As much as we love each other, Sean would die if he had to spend that much time in a store, and I can’t stand being in the same state as a football game. I’m glad we spent most of the day together, but I’m even more glad that I went shopping.

In other news, My Uncle John and Aunt Karen gave us their dining room table today. We love it. Here is a picture of the dining room, complete with a new place to dine. Notice that Sammy just had to be in the picture. That dark square object in the corner is his crate. Sam now rules the kingdom of dining room. However, he is an easy king to bribe… just give him a cookie or a pig ear and he’ll let you eat here.

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