January 11, 2008 at 10:43 pm | Posted in Photographs, silly pants | 9 Comments

Tonight we discovered what happens when you mix bubbles with a jet tub. I swear I laughed for a good ten minutes straight.

Two thumbs up for bubbles!  So silly.

[Photos by Sean]


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  1. Great shots by Sean. Bubbles are FUN!!!

    Love your new photo at the top there. Beautious!

  2. Beautiful 🙂
    And fun!

  3. Cutee!! You are such a cutie patootie. Love all the bubbles! Did Sammy come in to investigate the bubbles?
    Hope you’re feeling better.

  4. Bubbles are great in a jet tub. Ask me I know. But…..use with caution…..bubble bath is not good for your jet engine. In fact most manufacturers caution against them. If it’s a “jetted” tub rather than a whirpool then bubbles are potentially dangerous to it. You can clog up your jets with repeated use because the gunk builds up in the jets.

  5. This feels so wrong commenting on this post, but I had to. You made me – honest.

    The last photo is pretty darn funny though 🙂

  6. You won’t see a post like this from me. Thankfully.

  7. I think EVERYONE needs bubbles, that looks entirely too fun.

  8. we have pictures of mer and i like this in our old jet tub!! it’s so much fun! did you pretend to be santa clause yet?

  9. Laur reminds me of the bubble baths of you and Carrie when you were little.. lollllll very cute xoxA.Sanny

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