Twilight Zone

January 9, 2008 at 9:20 pm | Posted in Employment, Life | 6 Comments

Work requested that I make outbound calls today.

Usually, you call me because you need help. Today, I called you. Most of you were gentle and realized that I had good intentions and I was on your side, one of you slammed the phone down, most of you let the answering machine pick up.

H-E-L-L-O. W-E A-R-E N-O-T H-O-M-E. P-L-E-A-S-E L-E-A-V-E A M-E-S-S-A-G-E A-F-T-E-R T-H-E B-E-E-P.


After the thirtieth call, I began to lose mental conscience. I left message after message for you, and you, and you. Every call started to blur together and I couldn’t help but think about how great it would feel to be tucked in for bed for the night.

After the sixtieth call, I began counting down the minutes until closing time. Today was the longest day of my life.

Here at home, we are about to attempt to give the dog a shower. He needs one. Ambitious of us? Maybe. But Sam pooped on his tail today.


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  1. Ohhhh I feel for you!
    Sorry, I am one of those that will either let the
    answering machine get it, OR it is shameful to say
    I answer, and slam the phone down. I will have to remember you next time they call šŸ˜‰

  2. Again..(((((((Lauren))))))))
    Here’s hoping for a better tomorrow.. and a clean pooper.

  3. What is it with the animals and the bowel issues?! I just wrote about this over on my site.

    I’m glad I found you through blog365. I hope you’re well, dear.

  4. You have not seen a dog crap on itself until you have seen a Newfoundland do it. Trust me. Especially a Newfoundland with a bad stomach.

    Gah. Dammit. Blog365. Why did I see that, and WHY did I go and take a look? (life vanishes into black hole)

  5. i love the colors of your eyes against that red wall!

    at least sam didn’t poop on your bed!

    once my dog (long, long ago) was sleeping in my room. i had the door closed and he tried to get out but couldn’t so he pooped behnd the door.

    of course, you know what happened when I got up, tired and didn’t notice and opened the door, right? right. bad me.

  6. I wish ya not many more runs on the doggie poop partol.. Not fun but they are surly worth the poop issues. As Uncle Tom says dogs are the best people I know!! xoxox A,Sanny

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