Salad n’ paint

January 2, 2008 at 2:33 pm | Posted in Home | 4 Comments

Tonight we made our first real meal in the new house:  Salad, Italian-style chicken, and tomato basil noodles.  We had to clear a spot in the kitchen to sit down and enjoy our supper, and Sean and I didn’t seem to mind that we were surrounded by boxes and bags and sharing the kitchen table with a huge television set.

Sammy helped make the salad and ate his first cucumber slice.

After dinner, we painted the second coat of our red dining room as we watched the DVD of Full Metal Jacket for the sixth time since yesterday.  Literally.  This was the sixth time we’ve watched this movie in two days.

This house is starting to feel more like home and I am astounded with how different it looks from just one week ago.  The work never ends though, it’s as if we haven’t sat down since we moved into this house on December 21st.

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