Our family can dance!!!

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This website never gets old. Go elf yourself.

The most handsome Christmas tree

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Sean thinks this is so funny:

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I told him I wasn’t coming out of the cage until we pick up Sammy because I’m keeping it warm and his response was “Should I get you a diaper?” meaning, I’m going to be here awhile.

Waiting for Sammy

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The closing was canceled for today. It is now postponed until Monday or Tuesday of next week.

4.5 hours left.

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Nine AM on house closing morning and we have yet to be informed if we are closing or not. We don’t know if our emergency mortgage solution went through or not and no one is calling us. We left word on our mortgage broker’s voicemail.

The fact that neither our realtor or our mortgage broker are calling makes me feel as if we are making a huge mistake by working with them.

I told Sean last night that if I tell a cell phone customer I will call them, you bet your ass I will call and if I’m going to be ten minutes later than told, I will call them twice to tell them that I will not be calling as promised. And a cell phone is a bit less expensive than BUYING A HOUSE.

I feel like vomiting. I haven’t eaten in a few days. I’m trying to keep it together.

After I got off the phone with our realtor last night and became outraged that all she is doing is praying for us right now instead of making those phone calls that will lead us to our house, I felt more helpless than ever.

Last night, after feeling absolute angst in my heart all night for this woman who has been nothing but rude and inconsiderate to us since we found our house, I needed to do something, anything.

So Sean and I cuddled in bed and decided that maybe we should pray about it, too.

Now, I haven’t seriously prayed in I can’t tell you how long, and the same goes for Sean. And even though we are not quite sure what we believe in we held hands and prayed aloud, together, as a family. And it may have been the most wonderful feeling I had all day.

If I want the fate of this puppy, of our family, to go into anyone’s hands, I certainly don’t want our future in the hands of two unprofessionals who refuse to be there for us at such a horrific and stressful time.

But my goodness, he is so cute.

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I can’t wait to see what Sean is like when he is an old man.

About to jump off a cliff

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The update is this:

We close on the house tomorrow. Or do we. We’re not sure.

Yesterday our realtor texted me at work to inform me that our mortgage broker has been trying to get in touch with Sean for two days. Um?

So I call him, knowing that there must be something awry; Sean wouldn’t ignore calls from our mortgage broker. So I call him. And he calls the mortgage broker.

Our dumb Manhattan bag lady realtor gave our mortgage broker the wrong phone number so we hadn’t gotten a single message to call. You would think someone would figure out that maybe they should call us at work? Email us maybe?

The important message was that our mortgage hasn’t gone through yet. Are you fucking kidding me? We were supposed to close last Monday and we were told two weeks ago that the mortgage was already all set.

So Sean sent the further documentation to our mortgage broker and now they are rushing to get us a mortgage by tomorrow@1:30PM.

These morons we are working with are ruining our life. Seriously. All we want is our stupid house and our sweet sweet puppy.

So, I called the realtor a few hours ago to check the status. Her exact words?

“Wellllll, no news. Oh well. But I have everyone I know praying for you.”

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Unless Jesus is a mortgage lender, we’re still going to need you to do your job.

The Mancold: Day 6

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Here’s hoping I get my voice back before the end of my shift today.

Oh sap.

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I’m not going to let you comment on this video.  I realize ahead of time that it is extremely sappy.  The woman we’ve been working with as we try to rescue Sammy Oscar asked if I could email her some pictures of the house.  So I thought, better yet, I’ll make her a video slide show.  And then I went a little overboard, including pictures of us together and the cabin mixed with the sappiest Bonnie Raitt song, and now my eyes are teary.

I’ve got a vivid imagination, and I can see us now: Sean, me, and Sammy Oscar spending all sorts of quality time together on hikes and walks and the like.  It doesn’t help that the rescue woman keeps saying, “I’ve got a great feeling about you two.”  It only makes me believe that we will make the best adoption parents to our little homeless dog, ever.

Either this, or the cold medicine I’ve been overdosing on for the last five days is starting to get to me.

Visiting our doggie in puppy prison

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The verdict: he’s extremely cute.

They call him Sammy, not Oscar, at the kennel. He’s a good boy, although a little hyper, and I think that he’d be a good addition to our new family. Sammy Oscar is young yet, and in desperate need of some love.  He’s got a sweet face and a friendly demeanor.  Sammy Oscar likes long walks on the beach, candlelight Eukanuba dinners, and playing fetch.

You’ve got to be kidding me

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House closing has been moved to Friday.

I just called my realtor and ripped her a new asshole. Even though it isn’t her fault that the seller’s lawyers keep rescheduling, I wanted to make sure she knew that we weren’t messing around here, we have until the end of the month to be completely moved out of this condo.

I told her about the death of Sean’s aunt, our constant stress, the homeless doggie Oscar who is sitting in a kennel awaiting our new home, the fact that we will be homeless in about two weeks if they keep this up.

Her answer, and I quote: “Oh this is nothing… you should’ve seen how stressed I was at MY house closing.”

Bitch, do me a favor and know when to shut up for once.

My sweetheart

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Out of sadness, joy.

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Sean’s aunt died this morning. He doesn’t know yet, and right now he is picking up his luggage and on his way home from the airport. His dad called this morning to tell me and asked me not to tell Sean until he got home, no need to make Sean dwell on the loss of a loved one as he sits on a three hour flight.

Although I’ve already talked to Sean twice today, he still is unaware. It has been hard not telling him, but his Dad is right…wait until he gets home.

While waiting for his plane to land, the lady from American Lab Rescue called me:

“We’ve received your application to adopt Oscar. Your application was wonderful. You and Sean will make the perfect home for Oscar. PS. He’s missing half an ear, but he is the most loving and well trained dog, do you still want him?”

I explained to the woman that YES! we want Oscar. But we won’t have our house until Wednesday, and Sean is unaware that his aunt died this morning. I asked her if we could wait a week or two before picking our new baby up for his new forever home.

No problem, she said, do you want to maybe meet Oscar beforehand? You could go see him today, the address is…

I’m hoping that when Sean comes home and I have to tell him about the loss of his very young aunt, Oscar will make him feel a little better. This is turning out to be quite a difficult holiday season thus far.

Mom’s cat Mary

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“I have my nativity all set up, and Mary goes and bats baby Jesus around. Poor baby Jesus.”

My niece sleep eating, age 1

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Haha! Isn’t this a side effect of Lunesta?

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