My boys

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Eat this candle

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We’re not pregnant

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…nor did we really think we were, but the constant nausea over the last few weeks made us second guess our wishful thinking.

We got the clear to close on the house tonight which means that our mortgage went through and now all that needs to be done is to sign the contracts. This is fantastic news for us and tomorrow may be the day we are awarded the key to our new home. Phew.

So to celebrate, we drove over to Stop and Shop so that Sean could pick up some beer, and while we were there I decided to pick up a pregnancy test. And oooh, we bought I Cant Believe its not Butter and some English muffins.

Here we are at the counter, ready to buy our treasures, and I notice that we didn’t buy pregnancy tests, we bought ovulation tests. Noooooo! So I rip the ovulation tests off the belt and run across the store like Forrest Gump to pick up the right test.

I came back to the line and slammed the pregnancy test down matter-of-factly as Sean laughed. The 16-year-old cashier blushed and rushed through our order. I’m not sure if he was thinking “These people are buying beer and pregnancy tests! Get out of my line sinners!” or “Wow, they’re going to have a good night”.

We giggled at his adolescent reaction.

Sean’s response as we left the store, “We should’ve bought whipped cream.”

Christmas party pooper

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Today was our work Christmas/holiday party and also my first day back on the job in a week. We had a secret Santa gift exchange and happily, I drew my friend Shawn’s name.  EASY: he’s Irish, likes to drink on occasion, a dog-lover, happily married — he’s a lot like my Sean.

So I bought him Guinness pub glasses.

Maybe not work appropriate, but a present I knew he would like.

I wrapped Shawn’s present last night and went to sleep excited to go back to work and celebrate the holidays with my work friends and teammates.

This morning I woke up dry heaving, in severe stomach pain, coughing up spit and drained of energy.

It must be stress. I ran out of my ulcer medication three days ago. I’m a bum.

I took Sammy for two long walks before work and the cold air made my stomach feel a little better. I dropped him off at home and headed to work.

By noontime, we walked up to our team meeting/holiday party. I still felt sick but now I felt desperate for a garbage can or a toilet. I walked right into that meeting, stared at all of my coworkers, told my boss who was sitting at the head of the table that I needed to go home now. She looked at me and said, “are you sure you can’t stay for the party?” I nearly threw up on her as I told her no, I had to go.

Ironically, Shawn had picked my name for secret Santa too, so he handed me my present — a Dunkin Donuts gift card, candles, and a silver photo frame — and later text messaged me to feel better.

I walked away from that meeting with my tail between my legs, but I’m glad I didn’t throw up in the 3rd floor conference room.

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