Bad luck day

December 19, 2007 at 5:15 pm | Posted in News | 7 Comments
  • Locked myself and Sammy out of the house and had to flag down a neighbor to call Sean to let us back indoors.
  • Lost my cell phone (!) on a hike through the woods with Carrie.
  • Nearly ran out of gas while driving around New Haven looking for cell phone.
  • Still no house.


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  1. dude, somewhere, out in the woods is a Blue Jay making a phone call…

  2. you are alive
    you are breathing
    you are loved
    you have a bright future
    you have a cute dog
    you have the love of an awesome guy
    you have a house waiting for new memories
    you (hopefully) have phone insurance 😉
    you are in my prayers

  3. Can’t top carrie and kristy!

    Hang in there, Lauren….It’s gonna be okay.
    BETTER than okay. It’s gonna be GREAT!

  4. Apart from that you had a good day? What a cutie Sam is! My dog Bandit says “Ruf ruff roof rof ruff” which is dog for “F*uck me it’s cold in England today Sam” But what do dogs know?

  5. I know a bit what you go through. My boyfriends´ apartment flooded twice this year – which we had to clean up (bad smell!!!), live in 34 square meters together, find a new apartment, renovate that, move, renovate the old one, still have to get everything done here. Felt sick due to stress.

    I refer to Kristy and cross my fingers a lot for your house to get your house and soon!

  6. Looks like you didn’t lose your camera at least!

  7. bad you so rite, we would all be lost without her camera.. xoxox hang in there sweetie it will be ok.. I promise 🙂

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