Slow going

December 18, 2007 at 4:47 pm | Posted in Home, Photographs, Puppy | 5 Comments

Still no house progress. At least we spoke with our mortgage broker today. She didn’t call voluntarily as we had hoped, so our lawyer called her and ripped her a new one. I believe his words to us were, “Well, she hasn’t heard me scream yet.” I love our lawyer.

We have a few more steps to take to complete the house buying and Sean keeps saying, “We’re going to be homeless in two weeks!” Luckily, Sean’s dad offered to take Sammy on Saturday while our current landlord comes by to inspect the premises. We may own the house by then anyhow, but the babysitting offer warms our hearts.

We’re stressed. We’re tired. We haven’t even thought about Christmas. But we’ve been getting plenty of exercise and smiles thanks to our new four-legger.

Check the sidebar: Sammy’s got a blog. 🙂


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  1. awww but you should change that to “Sam I am” 🙂 He’s so cute.

  2. He is one cool doggie a blog of his own … That is waayyy 21st century


  3. You won’t be homeless. You can stay with us… That’s cool Sam gets you exercising. Hopefully he convinces you to stop smoking!

  4. Sweet idea to give Sam a blog! 🙂
    Fingers crossed everythings runs smooth with your new house!

  5. If I were you, I’d start bothering people regularly. Having gone through this twice, I’ve learned that although you’re paying these people a lot of money, they’re still not as vested in this as you are. Realtors are notorious for having 20,000 things going on, committing to all of them, and only having time for 3. At this point, I wouldn’t count on an agent to do anything other than show up at closing. You’re a done deal and she’s already focused on selling her next house. Near closing time, I was calling my mortgage company, lawyer, and agent every day.
    Make those people earn their money!

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