I am Sam

December 17, 2007 at 6:26 am | Posted in Memories, Puppy | 8 Comments

Guess who woke up at 4:30 this morning.  I knew letting him fall asleep at seven last night was a bad idea.  He’s back to bed now, 6:30, but we’re about to drag his little puppy butt back outside to drop Sean off at work.

“Hey People!  Play with me!  It’s nearly dawn!”


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  1. awwwwwwwwww cute doggie!!

  2. OMg he issss a cutie.. This is a test post.. I hope it works xoxox A.Sanny

  3. Yesssss it worked. oxoxox to Sammy. That puppy is going to have a great life.. xoxox. A.Sanny

  4. CUTE!! 🙂

  5. “Look at doggie! You come over my house now! Yeah?

  6. “Hello doggie. How are you? Will you lick me?”

  7. Heh. Your title reminded me of my idea for a Son of Sam screensaver about ten years ago. This was back in the days when everybody loved the “Johnny Castaway” screensaver. It would be based on David Berkowitz’s contention that his neighbor’s dog, Sam*, was giving him orders to kill. It would be a cute little puppy with a nametag that said “SAM” who would frolic in a backyard scene on your desktop. Every once in a while, a demonic voice would issue from the speakers saying things like “KILL THEM ALL.” Whenever this would happen, the puppy would stop, look straight out of the screen, wag its tail, and then go back to frolicking.

    *(I just looked it up, and turns out the neighbor’s dog’s name was Harvey. The neighbor was named Sam.)

    Good luck with your doggie friend!

  8. look at those whiskers!!

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