Welcome home buddy!

December 16, 2007 at 7:38 pm | Posted in Love, Memories, Puppy, Video | 8 Comments

Sammy came “home” today for a temporary stay here at the condo until we hopefully can move into our house next week.  He’s been a perfect angel so far.  He slept in the car, he ran with us in the park and then headed himself to the car when he had had enough exercise, behaved wonderfully in Petsmart, and is now sleeping peacefully in his bed.

Sean and I are in love with him already.  So sweet, so patient, so chill.

Sean has been adorable, too.  He went outside and packed down a thirty-foot path so that the dog can poop on grass.  I have a feeling that Sammy Oscar is going to be a very happy dog for the rest of his sweet doggie years.

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