4.5 hours left.

December 14, 2007 at 9:03 am | Posted in Agitated, Home | Comments Off on 4.5 hours left.

Nine AM on house closing morning and we have yet to be informed if we are closing or not. We don’t know if our emergency mortgage solution went through or not and no one is calling us. We left word on our mortgage broker’s voicemail.

The fact that neither our realtor or our mortgage broker are calling makes me feel as if we are making a huge mistake by working with them.

I told Sean last night that if I tell a cell phone customer I will call them, you bet your ass I will call and if I’m going to be ten minutes later than told, I will call them twice to tell them that I will not be calling as promised. And a cell phone is a bit less expensive than BUYING A HOUSE.

I feel like vomiting. I haven’t eaten in a few days. I’m trying to keep it together.

After I got off the phone with our realtor last night and became outraged that all she is doing is praying for us right now instead of making those phone calls that will lead us to our house, I felt more helpless than ever.

Last night, after feeling absolute angst in my heart all night for this woman who has been nothing but rude and inconsiderate to us since we found our house, I needed to do something, anything.

So Sean and I cuddled in bed and decided that maybe we should pray about it, too.

Now, I haven’t seriously prayed in I can’t tell you how long, and the same goes for Sean. And even though we are not quite sure what we believe in we held hands and prayed aloud, together, as a family. And it may have been the most wonderful feeling I had all day.

If I want the fate of this puppy, of our family, to go into anyone’s hands, I certainly don’t want our future in the hands of two unprofessionals who refuse to be there for us at such a horrific and stressful time.

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